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Miguel Ferrer Health: What Happened & Where Is He Now

Miguel Ferrer Health
Image Source: @NCISLA Twitter Account


Miguel Ferrer Health: What Happened & Where Is He Now

Miguel Ferrer health suffered from a stroke based on rumors that have been circulating on the Internet. The NCIS LA actor has shown slurred speech in the past episodes.

What happened?

Miguel Ferrer health is in peril as fans assert that the NCIS LA actor might have had a stroke and suffers from an illness. also noted that Ferrer has not been in any of his social media sites lately.

There has been no confirmation about the state of Ferrer’s health but fans speculate on the basis of the actor’s family history. According to Morning News USA, news first emerged with claims that Ferrer has colon cancer. Ferrer’s father died of colon cancer and his mother died due to lung cancer. This prompted fans to think that he was also diagnosed with colon cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

These incidents caused Ferrer to participate in campaigns against cancer.

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Where is he now?

NCIS Season 8 spoilers suggested that a character is to leave the series, as stated by co-star LL Cool J. As published in Tripped Media, fans assumed that it would be Daniela Ruah, who plays Kensi Blye, because she may be on maternity leave. Her character is currently in a coma after the flight she was riding in Syria crashed, which left her injured.

Miguel Ferrer Health

Image Source: @NCISLA Twitter Account

Some say that because of the Miguel Ferrer health case, it will be him who will drop his character Owen Granger.

In the show itself, Miguel Ferrer’s character Granger is in a tough spot because of his failure to discover the mole in their organization. This implies that Granger could get fired anytime soon. The character might say goodbye sooner than anticipated.

In the recent episodes, Granger is sick and the only person who has knowledge about it is Hetty. Episode 7 showed that Granger is indeed sick.

These rumors are not yet confirmed but if Miguel Ferrer leaves NCIS LA, we will still see him in the 1990 classic Twin Peaks. He is surely to return to the show to reprise his role again as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield.

With this, it is highly unlikely that Ferrer will die due to his rumored illness. Truth is, Ferrer is alive and has looked happy and satisfied in public.

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