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Miguel Ferrer Health: What You Need To Know About His Stroke

Miguel Ferrer Health


Miguel Ferrer Health: What You Need To Know About His Stroke

Miguel Ferrer health concerns have been dominating headlines for quite some time now. Fans are reportedly worried that Ferrer has had a stroke. These rumors were fueled by NCIS: Los Angeles viewers who noticed slurred speech and unsteadiness of his character Owen Granger.

Miguel Ferrer health rumors abound online. Morning Ledger reports that the rumors first spread when fans noticed the unsteady vibe and slurred speech of Owen on the show. The lack of active appearances of the character led fans to speculate whether he had a stroke. There were also reports of Ferrer’s family being vulnerable to cancer.

Did He Really Have a Stroke?

However, the Miguel Ferrer health rumors are false as far as the stroke is concerned. Though no official statements have been released yet, he has not suffered any stroke. Sources have been firm that though he may have been a little sick, a stroke never happened.

Video Games Republic reports that Ferrer was born in 1955 in Santa Monica, California. He has lost both his parents to cancer. This has reportedly led fans to wonder whether he has inherited cancerous ailments from his parents.

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More Facts About Ferrer 

Ferrer is presently married to Lori Weintraub and is George Clooney’s cousin. He is the oldest amongst five children and his father Jose Ferrer is an Academy Award winner. Tripped Media reports that Granger in the show seems to be in a tough position.

Granger may also get fired sometime soon from his organization. He has already failed to discover the mole within the organization itself. As a result, this character may leave the show suddenly. This has fueled rumors that Ferrer is sick and has to leave the show soon.

Granger is also sick as shown in the show and the only person with knowledge of this is Hetty. Fans are drawing parallels between the reel and real life stories of Miguel Ferrer.

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