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Miguel Ferrer Stroke & Health Update: Here’s Why People Think He’s Sick

Miguel Ferrer Health
Image Source: @NCISLA Twitter Account


Miguel Ferrer Stroke & Health Update: Here’s Why People Think He’s Sick

Miguel Ferrer came from a talented family that has been plagued by cancer. Both his parents died from it and that is why his fans were concerned when the Miguel Ferrer stroke rumor came out.

Cancer is the ultimate enemy of a person’s health. It spares very few people from death. For those who survived, it almost always mean a lifetime of emotional trauma and high risk of getting it again. It is a decease that knows no one. One of the worst things about it is, it is also hereditary. And Miguel Ferrer knows it very well.

According to a report by Morning News USA, the NCIS Los Angeles actor’s father, Jose Ferrer, died of colon cancer. His mom, on the other hand, died of lung cancer. This fact is one of the reasons why Miguel Ferrer stroke rumors escalated.

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The rumor started with his hit TV series NCIS Los Angeles. As earlier reported, fans speculated that the actor suffered from a stroke when his voice changed over a number of episodes. As reported by Sportsrageous, the rumor further escalated to the actor’s departure from the series.

Miguel Ferrer Health

Image Source: @NCISLA Twitter Account

Is the Miguel Ferrer stroke rumor true? Is he still sick?

Although Ferrer’s voice did seem to change in NCIS Los Angeles and his family health history does support the rumor, there was no confirmation that he actually is. The actor and his representatives did not issue a statement about the matter. Miguel Ferrer stroke rumors will remain just a rumor, for now.

It is also unclear if Ferrer will be leaving the show. The team behind NCIS Los Angeles is also not saying anything. However, it was previously reported that there is a character that will soon be leaving the series.

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