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Minecraft Snapshot 17w13a Guide: How To Tame A Parrot

Minecraft Snapshot 17w13a

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Minecraft Snapshot 17w13a Guide: How To Tame A Parrot

Mojang has just added a bunch of new features in their popular game as shown in the Minecraft Snapshot 17w13a preview. One of the coolest feature added is probably the ability to tame parrots and here’s how.

The Minecraft Snapshot 17w13a preview showed what the latest 1.12 update in Minecraft contains. Players can now find parrots at the Forest Biome, which they can train or hunt for feathers.

Jungle Biomes are those with tall jungle trees with Cocoa Beans growing on them as opposed to the Forest Biome. Aside from Parrots, players can also find wild cats called Ocelots, which can also be tamed.

Like other wild animals in Minecraft, players need a specific type of food in order to tame wild Parrots. In order to get these new feathery friends to love you, simply feed them a Cookie.

Crafting, or rather cooking, a Cookie in Minecraft requires two pieces of wheat and one Cocoa Beans. Wheat is the product of fully grown seeds after being planted. Meanwhile, Cocoa Beans come from cocoa pods, which are found naturally in the Jungle Biome.

In the crafting menu, place the two pieces of Wheat and one Cocoa Bean in the 3×3 crafting grid. When making a cookie, it is important that the Wheat and the Cocoa Beans are placed in a straight line.

Once the Cookie is made, equip the Cookie and right click them into the Parrot. The Parrot will show several hearts when a player has fed them the Cookie. It means that it is tamed and that it will now follow the player wherever he goes. Once tamed, they can be right-clicked again and doing so will let them sit on the player’s shoulders.

New Feathery Friends

Parrots come in four colors, Red, Green, Blue, and Cyan and they have three hearts of health. They are considered passive mobs that never attack the players. Once struck, they will fly upwards to avoid the attacker, but they will eventually tire out and go back to the ground.

Parrots might also imitate the passive sounds of hostile mobs like the hiss of creepers. They basically have the same sound but with a slightly higher pitch. They mostly settle around other mobs nearby. The full patch notes as posted in the Minecraft official site include the following:

  • Found a new feathery friend
  • Advanced the game
  • Brought some new knowledge
  • Hired a new robot butler (ctrl+b)
  • Fixed some bugs!
  • Added some new ones!

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