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MLB Dodgers Trade: Ian Kinsler Confirms Transfer if Contract is Extended

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MLB Dodgers Trade: Ian Kinsler Confirms Transfer if Contract is Extended

Ian Kinsler is one of the hottest names on the Dodgers Trade list. However, the second baseman will only accommodate any trade if a contract extension is in the cards.

Coming off his best offensive performance yet this season, Kinsler is in the best position to demand anything from any team wanting to sign him. This year he also won his first Gold Glove this year, a first for the team since 2009. While his success benefitted the Tigers, it seems the team is welcome to trade offers.

As for Kinsler though, the veteran is open to trade talks and may consider waiving his no-trade protection only if a contract extension is offered. At 34 years old, the baseman’s contract will only run until 2018 when he is already 36 — an age which some baseball clubs may consider “old” and reconsider signing anyone long term.

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Reports suggest there are already 10 teams considering Kinsler’s services, including the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“If one of the 10 teams happens to call and wants to talk about it, we’re open to talking about it. (But) they’re going to have to extend him for us to waive the no-trade,” his agent Jay Franklin confirmed, notes Fox Sports.

According to the site, the Tigers and Dogders are already in talks of a trade, with Detroit looking to build its team with younger talent. JD Martinez is also most likely to be traded, with Kinsler now on the Dodgers Trade list.

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“His ultimate goal is no different than when he went from the Rangers to the Tigers. He wants to win. If anyone knows Ian Kinsler, he has always been that type of guy,” Franklin revealed.

“He would like the opportunity to stay at his position and hopefully get to the Hall of Fame. He works his tail off to keep himself in shape, trying to get to the point where the writers will one day say he was one of the best ever to play his position.”

Should the LA Dodgers roster include Kinsler, this only strengthens the team’s bid for a spot in the Playoffs and the World Series.


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