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MLB Dodgers Trade: Ian Kinsler Contract Details Revealed

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MLB Dodgers Trade: Ian Kinsler Contract Details Revealed

MLB Dodgers Trade rumors are already hinting at Ian Kinsler being traded by the Detroit Tigers. Kinsler has been at the forefront of trade talks this offseason. Additionally, there are rumors of him being snapped up by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Dodgers Trade talks reveal how Kinsler would be a perfect fit for the team if bought. The Tigers are functioning “way above its means for some time” according to general manager Al Avila. Bleacher Report states that offloading Kinsler will give the Tigers a little more breathing space.

Tigers are already burdened with several multiyear contracts for 30+ players. Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera both have a cumulative $172 million riding on them through 2019. Kinsler will be a good trade deal for the team since he has a relatively nominal deal in his contract.

Kinsler’s contract pays him $11 million in the year 2017 and he also has a $10 million team option in the year 2018.

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Will the Dodgers Trade Deal Work Out? 

While talks between the two teams have been confirmed, it is not as simple as it looks due to Kinsler’s no-trade contract clause. This clause extends to 10 teams including the Los Angeles Dodgers and notes that Kinsler can decline a trade between the Tigers and the 10 teams for him. This limited no-trade clause, however, can be renegotiated on a few conditions.

Kinsler’s agent has recently stated that they will be open to any new deal with one of these 10 barred teams. The team will have to show their interest directly to the agent and Kinsler by offering a contract extension. They will have to extend Kinsler to waive the no-trade contract clause.

Dodger Blue reports that Kinsler will definitely help the Dodgers with his leadoff hitting abilities and left handed pitching. The Dodgers may finally agree to Kinsler’s demand and the Tigers may also smoothen the deal out.

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