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MLB The Show 17: Free Standard Pack, Sponsor Pack, And Stubs Up For Grabs

MLB The Show 17
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MLB The Show 17: Free Standard Pack, Sponsor Pack, And Stubs Up For Grabs

Sony Interactive Entertainment are giving away free rewards for MLB players who will join its social community. Participants will receive a free Standard Pack, Sponsor Pack, and 1,000 Stubs for MLB The Show 17.

The event is posted over at The Show official where it already provided links and instructions to those who want to join. In order to receive the free Standard Pack, players only have to like the official Facebook page of MLB The Show.

The site will then require participants to verify that they have liked the MLB The Show‘s Facebook page. Once verified, it will then reveal the code for the free Standard Pack that players can use for MLB The Show 17.

Meanwhile, in order to receive the free Sponsor Pack, players have to follow @mlbtheshow on Twitter. Similar to liking its Facebook page, the site will have to verify if players have already followed the said account. After verification, the site will show the code for the free Sponsor Pack for MLB The Show 17.

The last reward, which includes 1,000 Stubs, can be received by following mlbtheshow on Instagram. Similar to the two previous rewards, players have to verify that they followed the account before it will reveal the code.

MLB fans should indeed follow the social media accounts of the game since they mostly post updates and announcements on Facebook and on Twitter. Meanwhile, their Instagram account posts high-quality pictures of the game and those involved with it.

How to Redeem the Reward

For those new to redeeming items on the PlayStation Store, players will need to follow some steps to redeem their code from the event. First, select the PlayStation Store icon on the PlayStation 4 system’s Home Screen. From there, select Redeem Codes which is located at the bottom of the menu.

Enter the given code and make sure that it is written exactly the same way since it is case sensitive. After entering the code, select continue and start MLB the Show. Players can access the packs through the Open Packs section located in the Inventory.

Meanwhile, they can located Change Your Avatar option at the Profile through the PlayStation 4 system’s Home Screen. Sony has started a MLB The Show 17 countdown over at the PlayStation official site where they are holding a live stream.

It shows how much time is left before the game will be released. Developers are also giving away free stuff there which includes baseballs, jerseys, bats, all signed by a mystery major league athlete, and other items.

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