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MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode Ad Highlights One-Button Feature

MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode
Image grabbed from PlayStation YouTube Channel.


MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode Ad Highlights One-Button Feature

An MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode Ad had just been uploaded on the official PlayStation YouTube Channel. It featured the one-button mode where players only have to press the X button to play the game.

MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode will only require players to press the X button for both pitching hitting the ball. It is basically a fast game mode perfect for old school gamers that just want to chill out.

MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode will feature the 90’s 9-bit game mode that became popular during that time. It will also include a custom audio and commentary by Ken Griffey Jr.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will launch the game on March 28, 2017 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. According to The Show official site, MLB The Show 17 also include other features such as the Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, and Franchise Mode.

Diamond Dynasty

The Diamond Dynasty Mode will offer players a chance to build their own team with their own colors and logo. They can have 25 baseball athletes both from the past and present into their team.

Players have to take their teams into a different dynamic missions in order to earn exclusive rewards. They have to prove their skills by building a well-balanced deck of strength, speed, and strategy.

It involves attacking, defending, and conquering every stadium across the United States. It might take a long time to finish so developers included a quick 3-inning games for a faster pace.

Road to the Show

Road to the Show Mode will give players an opportunity to walk the path to the Hall of Fame. They have to choose one character who they will play for the rest of the game. It will give them choices that can take them into different and new directions.

Players have to go through a non-linear storytelling game mode where they would grow stronger, faster, smarter, and more capable. They have to start as a no-name kid before they eventually become legends.

Franchise Mode

Instead of becoming a baseball athlete, players have to fill in the shoes of the boss. They can choose to take care of the coaching, player development, general managing, and even auto manage the rest.

Players basically have the power over the team and can make decisions that can affect the team. Players can fire, hire, scout, draft, trade, and tirade while behind the scenes. Its Critical Situations feature will allow them to have a direct effect in important plays of a match without playing a full game.

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