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MLB The Show 17 Review: Impressions From Early Players

MLB The Show 17
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MLB The Show 17 Review: Impressions From Early Players

Prior to the initial release date of MLB The Show 17, some players have already obtained early copies of the game. One user over on NeoGAF and Reddit shared their impressions on the upcoming game baseball game.

According to NeoGAF user backbreaker65, he has been playing the final build of MLB The Show 17 since March 24 and one of the first things he focused on is resolution. The user said that 4K is not 60fps and that it looks unlocked and with some stutter. Despite the stutter, the game is still playable, but it requires adjusting for those not used to the said resolution.

Meanwhile, he added that 4K with HDR looked phenomenal, but Sony still has to fix the HDR color distortion with the PlayStation 4. It made the beautiful game into a washed-out version of itself. He also preferred the Enhanced Visual feature which allowed him to play the game with a smoother frame rate than 4K.

The NeoGAF user also mentioned the Humanity AI feature that showed the good, bad, and believable animations with the athletes. Meanwhile, he special mentioned the commentary of the games. He said that it had great story telling, it was knowledge-based and situational. Commentators in Stadium Tag already know when the athlete has hit the ball on foul or home run while stating the location.

He gave a comment on Themed Presentation Packages on how it should all be in sports games since it shows the difference in games. Rivalry or big games receive the MLB treatment meanwhile Regional Packages and Minor League Packages get the Theme 2 and Theme 3, respectively.

He also mentioned how the movement and control improved drastically since it now separates the good pitcher from the bad. Player Quirks is similar to NBA 2K Badges that show what attribute the athlete should focus on. Overall, he gave the game a good review, saying the developers have “knocked it out of the park.”

Athlete Faces & Bodies Improved

User Leafs_FTW over at Reddit also received an early copy of the game and he focused on the graphics of the game. According to him, player faces look significantly better and while the bodies look the same, the game has better lighting all around. He also shared some similar insights with the NeoGAF user regarding other aspects of the game.

MLB The Show 17 is developed by SIE San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game will be released on March 28, 2017 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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