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Monopoly Game New Tokens: Vote For Your Favorite Here!

Monopoly Game
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Monopoly Game New Tokens: Vote For Your Favorite Here!

The legendary Monopoly Game is now allowing you to vote for your favorite tokens. You can now cast your vote for the next generation of tokens. However, no token is in safe territory.

You can now check out all the Monopoly Game tokens and vote as per your liking. Hasbro is considering a replacement for almost the whole lineup. Tokens are always changing for the iconic board game from the 1930s.

Hasbro has now launched the Monopoly Game Token Madness Vote. You only have to go to to cast your vote. You have to select eight amongst all the tokens that you wish to see in the next generation version of the game.

More Important Details 

Kotaku says that no tokens are safe in terms of coming back in the next generation. All eight in the present range can be switched for other choices. The 8 final winners will be announced on the 19th of March.

For those not in the loop, this is World Monopoly Day. The new version of the game will arrive in stores from August 2017. Some of the popular contenders include Thimble, Boot, Hat, Rooster and Horse.

Other popular picks include T-Rex, Thumbs Up and Hashtag. Fans may also vote for the Rabbit, Telephone and Typewriter. Gizmodo reports that the famous board game first launched in 1933.

When Can You Vote? 

Hasbro previously allowed fan voting in 2013. This pertained to replacing the famous iron token with a cat. You can vote between the 10th and 31st of January, 2017. You will be able to choose from more than 50 options by way of tokens.

Some new tokens may be introduced in the next generation version. There are also fears of online manipulation of the vote. However, fans are pretty excited about the entire voting procedure.

Monopoly has always been popular because of its sheer appeal across generations.

You will also find the complete list of Tokens and their pictures here.

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