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Monster Hunter XX Demo Release Date To Feature New Styles & Difficulties

Monster Hunter XX


Monster Hunter XX Demo Release Date To Feature New Styles & Difficulties

Monster Hunter XX is set to get its demo release in Japan soon. The date has been fixed for the 15th of February, 2017. There are several new difficulties and styles in store as well.

The Monster Hunter XX demo release has been officially confirmed by Capcom. This announcement came during the last television broadcast by the company. The demo comes approximately a month before the final launch date.

Monster Hunter XX launches on the 18th of March, 2017 as confirmed by the company. Siliconera reports that the demo will come with three exclusive fights. There will be varying levels of difficulties for these fights.

More on these Fights

The beginner fight will have players combating Yian Kut-Ku. The intermediate fight will see players going up against Barroth. Additionally, Barioth will be the opponent for players in the advanced fight stage.

The demo will enable players to check out and try all the brand new styles on offer. These include the Renkin and Brave styles. There is a new Prowler mode to look forward to as well.

Capcom has already confirmed that players will be able to make teams of four in the local co-op mode. However, online gaming is one feature which has not been confirmed by Capcom as of yet. The game launches for Nintendo 3DS exclusively.

Nintendo Everything reports that the series is produced by Ryozo Tsujimoto while Shintaro Kojima is taking care of main production duties. This is similar to the earlier title of the series.

For this installment, however, Daisuke Ichihara sits in the director’s chair. He earlier worked as a planner on the Monster Hunter Generations version. The main planner for the latest installment is Takuro Hiraoka, while Yasunori Ichinose is backup for production and concept supervision. He earlier worked as the director for Monster Hunter Generations.

Tsujimoto feels that the earlier version exuded a festive vibe and enjoyment of free hunting. The team wishes to offer more “cross’ed” features this time. They are offering the Double Cross title as a result.

New Monster Addition 

Tsujimoto talked of how Cross is something special to them. There will be various unique features for the game, such as Barfalk, a new monster to be introduced for this version. This Elder Dragon lives in a region that is rather high.

The monster earlier resembled a comet on account of its shape while it flew. Balfark came into the collective consciousness while flying over the Igun Peak field. This field is located in an area that is too high for any inspections by the Dragon History Institute.

The Dragon Signature Ship made it possible for people to visit this field. Balfark will shoot a gust from the wings, using this power to fly. Balfark is also capable of multi-pronged attacks with its winged legs changing shape.

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