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More Nintendo Switch Release Date & News Hinted At New Store Displays

Nintendo Switch
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More Nintendo Switch Release Date & News Hinted At New Store Displays

The Nintendo Switch has been generating mainstream headlines in recent times. This has been sparked by several store displays that advertise the upcoming console. This eagerly awaited console is now the subject of immense speculation.

The Nintendo Switch release date, price and other features are at the heart of this speculation amongst prospective buyers. Fans cannot wait to get their hands on this eagerly awaited gaming console. GameStop stores across the United States have already commenced in-store advertising for the console.

These Nintendo Switch advertisements have been spouting up from last week itself. Silicon Era reports that similar promotional displays have now been coming up at Target stores. Target has now started advertising the upcoming console across stores in the United States.

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When Will More Details Be Available? 

Customers may start witnessing these advertisements upon visiting local Target stores. The Switch is expected to debut sometime in March 2017. Several other details are expected to be unearthed at an event scheduled for the 12th of January.

Express has reported that the console could well rival the Xbox One and PS4 as a worthy competitor. Nintendo has already created huge buzz centering on the product. Search traffic has also grown considerably for Nintendo as per reports.

A teaser is being expected by January as per sources. However, there is ample speculation that the price of the console will go below $300. The release date for the UK is expected to be 17th March as per sources. Release dates for the US market have not been unearthed yet.

What Else Could Be Launched Alongside?

Third party exclusives are expected to be launched with the Switch. However, the initial virtual console library may be limited in terms of selection. Nintendo may look to release Assassin’s Creed Empire with the console.

Nintendo is also tying up with several other developers and publishers to release the latest games on the Switch. The console is expected to garner huge sales figures for the company due to the sheer hype surrounding it.

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