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NBA 2016 News: Did Chris Bosh Sign with Cavaliers – Joins LeBron James Again

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NBA 2016 News: Did Chris Bosh Sign with Cavaliers – Joins LeBron James Again

Chris Bosh may finally see his return to NBA 2016 after reports confirm his plans for a comeback. Could he be joining LeBron James in the Cavaliers?

Bosh had hit a snag even before the NBA 2016 season started when Miami Heat President Pat Riley confirmed that they are letting go of the 6’11 forward. Riley revealed in a press conference that the player’s health has been cause of concern for the team, and it w seem to improve any time soon.

“There is not a next step for us, it’s pretty definitive for us in our position. We headed down the road very excited to a point where we thought it would work. And then the physical couldn’t clear him to the next step,” Riley told reporters in September.

With the Heat-Bosh situation at a standstill, it seems the 11-time NBA All Star will be plotting his comeback with another team.

“League sources said Bosh definitely wants to play again, but it’s likely not to be in Miami,” the Boston Globe confirmed.

A trade for the 32-year-old would be the best option for both camps as waiving Bosh will not help with the Heat cap space should he play 25 or more games with another squad. As for Bosh, a move would not only help him get back on the court but will also be a new start for him. Especially now that Dwyane Wade has moved to the Chicago Bulls.

Chris Bosh Trade to Cavaliers?

While it isn’t impossible for Bosh to join the Cavaliers, nothing has been detailed about it yet. However, his former Miami teammate, LeBron James, has been very vocal with his support for former no 4 draft pick.

“I stand behind my brother Chris. The most important thing is his health. Whatever decision he wants to do, I’m all for it. I support him in every way, shape and facet,” James confirmed.

Moreover, was also featured in UNINTERRUPTED — an initiative of James in partnership with Bleacher Report. It features athletes and sports personalities off court. Bosh filmed a series of episodes for the channel entitled Rebuilt, which featured his struglle on hiw way to recovery.

James’ support for his friend could also mean him helping out Bosh get back on the court. And what better to do that than by having the power forward join the Cleveland Cavaliers. Of course, LBJ doesn’t have the final say on who will be signing with the team, but he can send in a word. Especially now that the Cavs don’t have a formidable Forward/ Center other than Tristan Thompson. Bosh could definitely help on the frontcourt.


Nonetheless, these are all speculations at this time. We’ll wait for further NBA 2016 updates from all camps.

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