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NBA 2016 News: Did Lakers Hire Kobe Bryant as Asst Coach – In Talks with Luke Walton

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NBA 2016 News: Did Lakers Hire Kobe Bryant as Asst Coach – In Talks with Luke Walton

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton confirmed that Kobe Bryant has been in constant communication with the team. This has led to many wondering if the Black Mamba will be joining NBA 2016 as a coach.

Bryant has bid his adieu to the league after his 20th season with LA last year. The former MVP has led the Lakers to five championships and seven Finals appearances, bagging the Finals MVP trophy four times. With such an illustrious career in LA, it seems logical that the great number 24 would return to help his team out. And it current head coach Luke Walton has confirmed this.

In a recent interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Walton has confirmed that he has been talking with the 18-time NBA All Star about LA’s current roster.

“Had some questions about a young Brandon Ingram that I wanted to run by him and things like that. He’s been great. He takes the phone call; we’ll talk for however long we need to get some information from him, so he’s been great when I’ve needed him,” Walton confirmed, notes Lakers Nation.

However, as to whether the Black Mamba has visited the team’s practices this season, the former Golden State Warriors assistant coach said “no”. This may crush all talks of Kobe being Coach Kobe to the young Lakers roster. Even though he has served as a mentor to the younger players in the team since he came back last year.

“He has not stopped by, but I’ve spoken to Kobe multiple times this offseason in preparing for this season we have and talking about some of the players on the team that he played with last year.”

In his last season with the Lakers, Bryant averaged 17.6 points, 3.7 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game in 66 games. While he demanded more of the ball, Kobe was a treasured mentor to the now-core team of LA. And Walton is doing well with the team he has, posting a 7-5 record.

While he may not be a coach this NBA 2016, fans should expect to see more of KB around the league. Especially with the release of his new sneaker, the Nike Kobe AD, on November 23.


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