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NBA Kings Trade: Rudy Gay, Omri Casspi Moved to OKC

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NBA Kings Trade: Rudy Gay, Omri Casspi Moved to OKC

Kings Trade rumors hint that both Rudy Gay and Omri Casspi could move to OKC. The Oklahoma City Thunder has long been interested in Rudy Gay and Casspi could join the mix. The Kings are reportedly looking to offload superfluous talent as per rumors.

Casspi has seen more minutes on the bench at present compared to the past seasons. This is in stark contrast to his 2015-16 season where he combined well with DeMarcus Cousins. This season, his average has gone down woefully and he also gets very little game time.

Bleacher Report has talked of these Kings trade rumors being justified in case of Casspi. The former first round pick’s spot has been given to Matt Barnes by new coach Dave Joerger. The change in coaching staff at the Kings has led to Casspi losing his earlier importance.

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The reasons behind such a move are still unclear since Casspi still has good skill sets. However, Joerger seems to think them superfluous as per reports. This may be the reason behind talks of trading Casspi to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Joerger himself talked of how “players change” and “roles change” every season. While Casspi has not asked for a trade as of yet, any such request may be welcomed by the Kings. Casspi is already frustrated with his lowered importance.

Will the twin deals happen?

Casspi will be an unrestricted free agent in the summer and the Kings would like to cash in on his contract remainder before that happens. The Oklahoma City Thunder is also pushing for Rudy Gay. The Thunder has long been interested in Gay though the Kings are yet to come to a decision.

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OKC may want to use Cameron Payne as a package for getting hold of Rudy Gay. However, Payne’s recent injury may put paid to those hopes. News Ok also talked of how Rudy Gay will be the ideal replacement for Kevin Durant at OKC.

Gay will opt out of his contract after the season to be a free agent next summer. The Kings have also confirmed that he will be traded. This leaves the door open for OKC but they have to present Payne or an equivalent proposition to the Kings.

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