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NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin Could Join Russell Westbrook in OKC Thunder

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NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin Could Join Russell Westbrook in OKC Thunder

NBA Trade rumors are abuzz about Blake Griffin joining the Oklahoma City Thunder soon. The Clippers are reportedly considering a trade for Griffin; however, the rumors have not been confirmed yet.

Bleacher Report highlights how the Sacramento Kings will see a lot of action before the trade deadline. The Kings may look to trade DeMarcus Cousins and other players. There is a lot of speculation surrounding Blake Griffin as well.

While there have been talks of a Cousins-Griffin trade, a possible move to OKC is gaining more traction lately. Griffin has been mentioned several times as a prime trade possibility. The move became apparent after Griffin spent a tumultuous period at the Los Angeles Clippers late last season after punching an LAC staff. However, he has remained as a pivotal part of the team this season and has endured that punching episode which left him on the bench for a longer time with injuries.

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Why Blake Griffin Trade is Buzzing

Griffin is doing well this season, posting 21.6 points and 9.6 rebounds per game. He has also scored 25, 29 and 26 in their last three games. Nonetheless, Griffin may be a vital part of trade talks with several experts have already warned against any major trade. His move may give the Clippers a new boost of energy. As for Griffin, he may want to be the franchise player of another team.

Should a move push through several people feel that Griffin will be snapped up by the Oklahoma City Thunder, partnering with Russell Westbrook. However, several experts are rubbishing these rumors. According to Zach Low from ESPN, there is absolutely “no sign” of any such deal.

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Blake Griffin is reportedly considering a bigger role for himself. A new and better team would certainly help fuel this ambition. Griffin may also like to pair up with Russell Westbrook at OKC. His pairing with Westbrook is being hugely speculated about and could make OKC a championship contender again.

However, everything still remains speculation until any camp confirms the rumors.

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