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NBA Trade Rumors: Nerlens Noel Could Leave Philadelphia 76ers – Here’s The Truth

NBA Trade Rumors


NBA Trade Rumors: Nerlens Noel Could Leave Philadelphia 76ers – Here’s The Truth

The latest NBA Trade Rumors hint at Nerlens Noel departing from the Philadelphia 76ers. The team is already looking to trade Noel as per rumors. Noel is also unhappy with his current situation as per reports.

NBA Trade Rumors are abuzz about Nerlens Noel being a high profile exit from the Philadelphia 76ers soon. Rumors hint at the Portland Trailblazers and Chicago Bulls being interested in the star athlete.

NBA Rumors talk of how the 76ers would have traded Novel in the summer itself. This is because many teams were interested in the defensive specialist at the time. However, by choosing to wait, the team has put itself in a trickier situation.

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Will this Deal Go Through?

Inquisitr reports that a possible deal for Noel will come through if the 76ers can manage to agree on the asking prices. This aspect has hindered any such deal for Nerlens Noel so far. Noel waited out an entire season, anxious about being traded from the club.

He then injured his knee and went through a 10 minute knee scope this October as well. He has not played in the 76ers lineup at all this season. Noel’s value is dipping with every passing day since he is not in the lineup. The 76ers may not get a top draft pick or even the high quality rotation player that they desire.

Why the 76ers May Not Find a Good Deal

Any team considering Noel in a possible deal will understand that he will become a restricted free agent once the season ends. Any team buying Noel will also get the rights to come up with a tender offer for him. This clearly means that teams interested in buying Noel will not quite put together a desirable package for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Forbes has also reported the Chicago Bulls’ interest in Noel. The Bulls may offer Nikola Mirotic to the 76ers in return for Noel. This may be a good deal since Mirotic may be a valuable scorer for the 76ers while Noel will not be unhappy anymore.

Noel has earlier spoken of not understanding “what there is to wait and see”. Noel was also allocated to the Delaware 87ers NBDL affiliate of the 76ers. However, the 76ers may also look to garner Allen Crabbe from the Trailblazers in return for Noel.

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