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NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Love to Celtics in 7 Player Deal

NBA Trade Rumors

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NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Love to Celtics in 7 Player Deal

The latest NBA Trade Rumors are hinting at Kevin Love being traded to the Boston Celtics. There are rumors of this trade being a 7 player deal, one of the biggest in recent times. However, no official confirmations have been released by either the Celtics or Love himself.

NBA Trade Rumors are already hinting at Love seriously considering the Boston Celtics as his next destination. In fact, sources have revealed that the Celtics may even consider giving up several players to get Love.

NBA Trade Rumors also hint at the Cleveland Cavaliers being quite open towards the possibilities of trading Kevin Love. Inquisitr reports that the Celtics will look to sign Love and two other players. These are likely to be Mike Dunleavy and the retired Mo Williams.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers will possibly get Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson and Jaylen Brown. In the present scenario, the current deal is expected to work fine for both teams.

Why Kevin Love Is A Good Bet?

Kevin Love has recovered from his earlier spate of poor form. He is now putting up decent numbers and his overall productivity has hugely increased. The last season, Love did resemble something of a misfit for the Cavs, especially with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving around.

However, the Cleveland Cavaliers may not want to trade Love right away. The Cavs are currently topping the Eastern Conference and Love is a key part of their plans. However, HoopsHype reports that the Celtics are already in talks with the Cavs.

Will Cleveland Take The Deal?

Cleveland will only think of trading Kevin Love if they were to get a hugely lucrative deal in return. Will the Celtics stretch a little more to sign up Kevin Love? Will the Cavs consider this 7 player deal as viable?

These are questions that will only have answers with the passage of some more time.

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