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NBA Warriors News 2016: Was Klay Thompson Sex Life Revealed – Here’s The Truth

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NBA Warriors News 2016: Was Klay Thompson Sex Life Revealed – Here’s The Truth

The Golden State Warriors may be winning, but one Warriors news caught fans by surprise. It seems Steph Curry joked about Klay Thompson’s sex life. Curry has hinted that Klay has had sex and this may well be the reason for Thompson’s resurgence on court according to Curry.

Recent Warriors news highlighted how Thompson was going through a major slump at the beginning of the season. However, he has boosted his average over the last few games. Thompson now has 23.7 points and 48.2% on eight three-point attempts for every game. He also has 52.6% from the floor.

This comes as a sharp contrast to his poor showing sometime back. Warriors news reveal that Thompson has definitely found his groove again. He shot 10-of-18 on Monday night against the Indiana Pacers. He also hit four three pointers to rack up a total of 25 points. Thompson only played for 26 minutes in the game which saw the Warriors winning 120-83. However, his performance was nothing short of impressive.

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This got teammate Steph Curry joking about Thompson’s resurgence being fueled by his sexual exploits. Curry joked that Thompson had sex which helped him get his shots going, notes  Obsev.

He may have seen the film How Stella Got Her Groove Back which released in 1998. In the film, Angela Bassett plays Stella who travels to Jamaica to overcome a midlife crisis. There, Stella finds a hunky lad who is 20 years younger. She then proceeds to indulge in carnal pleasures for a few weeks. Curry may have hinted that Thompson has found a Stella for himself!

Curry’s Party for Thompson & Other Mates

Yahoo! Sports also reveals that Curry hosted a party at his house recently. This party was held to celebrate the new found indomitable streak of the Golden State Warriors. There were balloons labeled Super Villains released by players along with other viral antics.

Thompson appeared distant as he stood far away from the bonhomie, checking his phone. He talked of looking like an “outcast” since he did not know that a picture was being taken. Notably, Thompson is now steadily learning to appreciate Durant according to sources.

It seems to be all working out for the Golden State Warriors. However, we’re not really sure how Thompson will react to Curry’s joke.

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