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NBA Warriors News: Steve Kerr Admits to Marijuana Use; Wants League Approval

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NBA Warriors News: Steve Kerr Admits to Marijuana Use; Wants League Approval

The latest Warriors news reveal that Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has admitted to marijuana use. He has revealed that he uses marijuana to counter chronic pain and has also pressed for the natural acceptance of cannabis.

Warriors news updates confirm that Kerr has used marijuana over the past year, something that the league does not allow.

“Maybe I can even get in some trouble for this,” Kerr said in a recent interview.

He also stated that he has “actually tried it twice during the last year and half.” This was majorly to counter the “chronic pain that I’ve been dealing with”.

Warriors news reveal that Kerr is not the only one; many Americans do use marijuana in some form or another to combat chronic pain. Legalization of marijuana has in fact been a major milestone for several states. These include Washington, California, New York and Colorado among others.

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The Debate Over Marijuana

Marijuana has been decriminalized in many states as a safe alternative for recreational or medicinal purposes. Inquisitr reports that Kerr had two back surgeries in 2015. The second surgery was carried out to relieve him of the pain suffered from the first one. This reportedly led to him using marijuana as a healer.

Kerr had the surgeries after winning the championship. His back pain even forced him to take leave from coaching in the first half of the season. Marijuana gave Kerr some much needed relief from pain.

What Kerr Also Believes

He has also added that he is “not a pot person; it doesn’t agree with me”. He has also talked of how “pot is better for your body than Vicodin” in case of an NFL athlete. He also talked of how Vicodin is prescribed “like it’s Vitamin C, like it’s no big deal”.

Kerr has also said that it is “only a matter of time before the NBA and NFL and Major League Baseball realize that”.

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