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NCIS Cast: What Happened To Mark Harmon & Where Is He Now



NCIS Cast: What Happened To Mark Harmon & Where Is He Now

NCIS is one of the longest running police drama shows on TV. After 13 years on the air, main cast members are departing the show and cancellation rumors are a constant headline. The latest buzz involving the series is another NCIS cast leaving the show, Mark Harmon.

Is Mark Harmon leaving the show?

Mark Harmon is of the main NCIS cast members. He plays Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs who is considered as the main protagonist of the show. Fans of the series would never have thought of Harmon leaving the show before it gets cancelled. But now that the 65 year old actor is having health issues lately, the idea of it becomes more of a reality.

The rumor started when the crew members of the long running hit TV series noticed that the seasoned actor is getting weaker. Not that he is not able to do everything he did before but rather not as sharp as he used to be. According to HNGN, NCIS is currently on season 14 and it is not sure if Harmon will be back for the next season. Well, in the event that season 15 will actually materialize.

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Is NCIS getting cancelled?

CBS currently renewed the police drama series for season 15. However, cancellation rumors are still going around because there is still a possibility that it will be cancelled. It is not new for a show to get axed even after a renewal was announced.


Image Source: NCIS Facebook Account

According to a report by News Everyday, the cancellation rumors started when main NCIS cast member Michael Weatherly left the series. A source of the site said that the actor who played Detective Anthony DiNozzo left because of the show’s ratings. If that is true then it was a case of abandoning a sinking ship. It is true, though, that the show is constantly having low viewership ratings. It happens to a lot of long running shows so NCIS and CBS have to do something about it before it is too late.

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