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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Will Miguel Ferrer Die – True Plot Twist Revealed

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8


NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Will Miguel Ferrer Die – True Plot Twist Revealed

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 may witness a surprising twist with Miguel Ferrer’s death. Some state that the makers want to kill off a few characters at the end. Others suggest that Ferrer will voluntarily leave the show on account of his health problems.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 is set to be a firecracker with Ferrer’s death being a matter of huge speculation. News Everyday reports that Ferrer is infrequently active on his social media accounts as well. Sources point at this being indicative of him leaving the show.

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 fans are wondering about a possible exit due to health reasons. The character Ferrer plays in the series also has an illness which has not been clarified yet. Owen Granger may be killed off at the end of the season once Ferrer leaves the show.

Is Ferrer Really Sick?

While fans are currently debating over the veracity of these rumors, Ferrer remains very sick. Ferrer is known to be fighting a tough battle against cancer. Apparently, his genes are to blame since both his parents died of cancer. Several fans have taken to social media to pray for Ferrer’s recovery. Many do not want Owen Granger out of the show as well.

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However, as mentioned, the show’s makers want to do away with a few characters this season. Apart from Owen Granger, Daniela Ruah could also be on the chopping block. Ruah is played by Kensi Blye who is also expected to depart soon.

Fans are already pointing at clear hints of these two departures being present in the current episodes being aired. The new Sirens episode will center on Callen played by Chris O’ Donnel. There will be investigations and new leads aplenty. The main case will pertain to the two people killed right in front of Callen’s house.

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