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NCIS Season 14 Spoilers: Bishop’s Boyfriend Revealed!


NCIS Season 14 Spoilers: Bishop’s Boyfriend Revealed!

NCIS Season 14 spoilers have already emerged about Bishop’s boyfriend being finally revealed. Additionally, there is talk of Michael Weatherly returning to the popular show. The plunging ratings of the show may well be a major reason for this return.

NCIS Season 14 spoilers reveal that the ratings of the show are going down. Game N Guide reports that even though Season 15 has been renewed, CBS is still unhappy with the ratings. The show had earlier shocked fans with Michael Weatherly exiting the show.

Additionally, Ziva David was also killed off and this outraged fans even more. The current low ratings are being attributed to these two exits. CBS may find it imperative to bring back Weatherly to save the show.

Several fans are also voicing their disappointment of the somewhat predictable storylines. NCIS Season 14 is already boring viewers with its below par writing as per a section of former fans. All these factors are contributing towards the plunging television ratings of the show.

How Bishop’s Boyfriend Will Be Revealed

In the next episode, Bishop’s boyfriend will finally be revealed. This is a major attraction for viewers and may shore up ratings. Additionally, the prospect of Weatherly returning is enough to get several fans glued to their seats. This is what CBS is probably thinking right now!

Bishop will receive a surprise visit from her brothers in the episode on Tuesday. The audience will finally find out who Bishop is dating by the end of the day’s episode. The three Bishop brothers will try and coax out the truth from their sister. The identity of this boyfriend will definitely stun the audience as per reports.

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Even Emily Wickersham, the actress who plays Bishop, has been left stunned by the revelation. She revealed that it is “someone who Bishop has had a strong friendship with for a while”. However, it is “not someone who’s really been around all that much”.

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