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NCIS Season 14 Spoilers: Michael Weatherly May Refuse Return

NCIS Season 14
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NCIS Season 14 Spoilers: Michael Weatherly May Refuse Return

Despite legal grounds for NCIS Season 14 to pursue, rumors are spreading wildly about probable cancellations.

All At One Side

Mark Harmon, portraying Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, is on medication leave and may not be returning anytime soon. Worse, former cast member Michael Weatherly refuses to return without the main actor on the set.

At the moment, the CBS network stays cool and silent despite the surrounding rumors. On one side, the fans are praying that network is not going stop the show for good.


NCIS Season 14 Spoilers

As per record, NCIS is still pushing through with its previous episodes having heated up the anticipation for today’s tenth episode entitled The Tie That Binds. The current episode which will be aired on CBS later today will connect Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard [David McCallum] to the murder spree.

Despite focusing on the possibility of a massive revelation on the Navy captain’s murder in today’s episode, fans couldn’t help but take heed of Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly’s departure from the show.

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A Sad Goodbye?

The two actors have established a well-rooted connection with the fans. Nevertheless, they have cemented the NCIS show to what it has become now.

As of the NCIS Season 14’s fate, much can be thought of. However, fans could not imagine how the show would go on without the core characters.

Still, many are hoping that at least, the show would be pushed through. Therein, fans can already recall how lit up they were when the show announced renewal of contracts.

Meanwhile, others chose to just enjoy the remaining thrills of NCIS Season 14 show’s undecided fate. Certainly, the episode The Tie That Binds emerges as most anticipated show in CBS today.

Meanwhile, David McCaallum’s character is starting to become a subject of mystery and excitement for the audience. Now, that is good news.

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