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New Batman Game Causes Suicide Squad Game Cancellation – Details Here

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New Batman Game Causes Suicide Squad Game Cancellation – Details Here

The planned Suicide Squad game has been cancelled, and the supposed reason is because of a new Batman Game.

Bad news for the fans of Suicide Squad, but the rumored and long-awaited Suicide Squad game has supposedly been cancelled. The one to blame for the cancellation of the game is none other than the Batman and his new game. It was as if the Dark Knight himself had personally put a stop to the Suicide Squad from even having their own game.

The cancelled Suicide Squad Game

The rumors about a game featuring the Suicide Squad had been floating around the internet for as early as 2012. While it wasn’t officially confirmed or announced by Warner Bros. Montreal, it came from the words of Geoff Johns himself during a supposed interview. There are also hints pointing to the existence of the game that is supposedly already in development at that time.

Unfortunately, the Suicide Squad game had reportedly failed to impress the management of Warner Bros. So if there is anyone to blame, it definitely isn’t the Batman, but profit hungry publishers.

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What is known so far about the new Batman Game

Warner Bros. Montreal would reportedly focus on the upcoming game. However, they haven’t released any official statement yet to confirm its existence and the details surrounding the upcoming game.

It is safe to assume however, that since it is being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal, it would most likely be under the Batman Arkham series of games. This means it would be available for consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as the PC. A Wii U or even a Nintendo Switch release is also highly plausible.

There are those who are probably whining about the Batman getting another game of his own again. However, this time around the game would center on Damian Wayne, instead of the original Batman Bruce Wayne. For those who have no idea whom Damian Wayne is, he is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul. This also makes him the grandson of Ra’s al Ghul. Most are familiar with Damian Wayne as Robin, but he eventually inherited his father’s mantle as the Batman.

The source of the reports for the new Batman Game are from Dark Horizons and the Euro Gamer.

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