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New Bethesda Games In The Works – Fallout, Elder Scrolls Speculations

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New Bethesda Games In The Works – Fallout, Elder Scrolls Speculations

Bethesda has a surprise for a lot of its fans. The developer, and creator of hits such as Fallout and Dishonored, has seven upcoming titles. This is unprecedented news as not a lot of developers reveal exact numbers of impending releases to the public

Fans will remember Bethesda Game Studios as the hit development team responsible for a lot of award-winning titles over the years. Its hit titles from the Elder Scrolls franchise such as Oblivion (2006) and Skyrim (2015) won their respective years’ Game of the Year awards. Its science fiction franchise, Fallout, is also a fan-favorite among fans.

The seven new Bethesda titles may be evidence of the publisher’s growing popularity among fans. Their good track record may eventually cement the company as one of the best game creators of all time. However, since none of the games were revealed yet, fans are again left to speculate.

Seven New Bethesda Games

The good news came courtesy of company director Todd Howard, who revealed in an IGN interview that there are seven games on the way. This announcement means there are four added to the three already announced a few days back. However, as Howard did not reveal what these games are, all theories are to be taken with a grain of salt.

Regardless, Howard did tease what the nature of the seven games are. Three of them will be the aforementioned big titles. Two will be ports, and there will also be a mobile entry. As to what the seventh game will be is anyone’s guess at this point.

Followers of the company can refer to this list of all their games. The seven new titles will solidify this list of over 50 games, with others dating decades back. It will be interesting to see if the publisher will be creating new franchises. There is also the option to add new titles to their older, more popular ones.

Entries so far

According to Game Rant, the seven games do not necessarily mean they have to be “totally new.” This means players can include in this list some already-announced entries in various franchises. If that is the case, then there are already two games in the mix. One is the Fallout 4 port for virtual reality (VR) consoles, and the Skyrim port for the Nintendo Switch.

Fans have to wait if the Fallout 4 VR game is the “new” seventh title, as it does fall outside the usual console genres. If not, then it will join Skyrim as the second game under the two aforementioned “ports.” After these two games, the rest of the titles seem to be a bit vague at best.

For instance, Howard did reveal a desire to make another mobile game that can achieve the same popularity as Fallout Shelter. When he talked to Game Spot, he added this new title will be a “new experience” outside Shelter‘s community management system. The company can take a few steps in this matter, such as making a tactical roleplaying game or even a card-based title.

Fallout, Elder Scrolls Sequels?

The biggest speculations, however, fall with the three “major” titles. Hardcore BethSoft fans will of course want sequels to the hit Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises. After all, it has been a while ever since the recent titles of the two franchises were released.

However, the company may look towards enhancing its other existing intellectual properties (IPs). This includes Dishonored, which reinvigorated the first-person shooter franchise with its superb narrative. Of course, another question is whether or not the publisher is even planning to release these titles in the near future as developing seven games can be a herculean task even for a big name such as BethSoft.

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