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New Elder Scrolls 6 Game May Be In One Of These Areas

Elder Scrolls 6


New Elder Scrolls 6 Game May Be In One Of These Areas

Bethesda fans are always on the lookout for new games from the hit publisher. With news that the company will be making new titles, is one of them Elder Scrolls 6? Some players have their speculations.

Players will be able to remember Bethesda as the same studio responsible for some of the industry’s most acclaimed titles. These include Oblivion (2006) and Skyrim (2015) who won the Game of the Year awards for their respective years. It only makes sense if Bethesda will make Elder Scrolls 6 given this critical reception.

Fans of the franchise will no doubt want an expansion of lore in the continent of Tamriel. Elder Scrolls Online provides a lot of backstory to some events in the series. However, an entirely new region in Elder Scrolls 6 can provide more depth to unexplored parts of the Elder Scrolls narrative.

Elder Scrolls 6: Possible Locations

Game Rant explores some of the possible new locations for the next Elder Scrolls game. However, fans should remember Bethesda has not confirmed any of these areas. In fact, much of these speculations are based on what parts of the continent were not explored in previous installments.

Valenwood is the home of the Bosmer. The area finds itself surrounded by swamps and forests. Players will already find trees bountiful in previous games in the franchise. However, it will be interesting to explore a map entirely filled with lush green forests. Unlike Skyrim and Oblivion with towns littered around fields, a Valenwood title can have pockets of villages surrounded by forests.

Summerset Isles is another potential region for the new game. This is part of the well-mentioned yet unexplored areas in the franchise. The Almer live in the isles, along with the Aldmeri Dominion. The area offers a lot of conflict as the Thalmor, a part of the Dominion, are openly persecuting Talos worshipers in Skyrim. The unseen conflicts in the isles already opens the stage for a bigger conflict in the game’s world.

Elswyr is home to the Khajit. This area provides a new desert-like environment for players to explore. The Khajit are one of the most popular races in the game. Unfortunately, not much is known about the cat-like species. A title in their home region can help enlighten players to the inner politics of the race.

Black Marsh is home to the reptilian Argonians. The area is made up of swamps and marshlands. Its wildlife and erratic nature makes it a dangerous location to explore, even for the Empire. However, players may want to take up the challenge. After all, only the gravest of threats can call gamers to an area as dangerous as the Black Marsh.

More Speculations, Release Date

Perhaps the most critical piece of evidence pointing towards a new Elder Scrolls game is an interview confirming the arrival of new Bethesda games. Company director Todd Howard told IGN that there are in fact seven titles on the way. Bethesda announced three of these games. This leaves players to wonder what the four other games will be about.

Three will apparently be big titles. Unfortunately, Bethesda did not reveal much about these entries. One of them can be a potential Elder Scrolls game, or a new Fallout installment. It can be an entirely new franchise as well.

Two will be ports of previous games. These may point towards the Skyrim installment for the Nintendo Switch. The other may be the virtual reality (VR) port of Fallout.

A mobile entry will also be on the works. Unfortunately, Bethesda did not explain the mobile game as well as the mysterious seventh title. Sadly, these theories are best taken with a grain of salt.

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