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New For Honor PC Patch To Fix Cheating Problems

For Honor

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New For Honor PC Patch To Fix Cheating Problems

Ubisoft’s For Honor has been getting attention because of its new mechanics. This has given way for positive ratings for the medieval slasher, as its gameplay is a classic twist to rock-paper-scissors. However, PC players have issues with cheaters and some bugs.

Fans will by now remember For Honor for its rock-paper-scissors system of blocking and defending attacks. This means players will not only have to predict enemy movements, but they have to know what to do judging by the minutest of their enemy’s actions. On top of that, there are more than 12 classes to choose from, each with their particular strengths.

This emphasizes the challenging aspect of For Honor and its intense combat. However, like any game, people will try to manipulate the system to their favor. Ubisoft is already on to this, as its newest patch will take on the problem to its source.

For Honor Patch: Anti-Cheating Update

This fix is courtesy of a list of patch notes from Ubisoft community developer Eric Pope. According to the post, the patch will fix a variety of bugs found in the beta test and the launch. However, fans took particular attention to its “Easy AntiCheat.”

Easy AntiCheat is the title’s software that will prevent players from “manipulating” the game’s system. This is where the root of all “hacks” start, as players who manipulate the system can exploit its advantages. However, the implementation of the AntiCheat during the beta has been incorrectly blocking several players.

Pope guaranteed in the patch notes that this feature is now being more careful in blocking players from the game. This can be a breath of fresh air for players who are afraid others may exploit the game to their benefit. On Ubisoft’s part, this is a good move as it quickly balances the game versus cheaters – for a while, at least, before someone tries to crack the system.

More Features, Gameplay

According to Game Rant, the patch also fixes other issues. For instance, players can now use their Steam controllers. This has been a persisting issue as the game cannot recognize the hardware during launch. The problem made the game kick them for being inactive, which incurs penalties.

The patch will also fix the issue of the game constantly switching from full-screen to a windowed mode. This was connected to a stabilization issue. The game apparently wanted to be on a “stable” position, which is why it fixes its windows automatically.

Regardless, this can boost the game’s already-gaining popularity. It has already been outselling Grand Theft Auto 5 and Sniper Elite 4 even after a week of its release. Players can get the game for the PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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