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New Heroes Of The Storm DLC Character Revealed: Stats & Abilities Of Zul’jin

Heroes of the Storm
Image Source: Heroes of the Storm Facebook Account

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New Heroes Of The Storm DLC Character Revealed: Stats & Abilities Of Zul’jin

An additional character in every game gives a level of excitement to every gamer as it changes, even just a little bit, the game’s dynamics. As the year 2017 enters, a new character to join Blizzard’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Heroes of the Storm, has been revealed.

Heroes of the Storm new character Zui’jin

The famous Blizzard MOBA will be getting a new character in early January 2017. The newest addition is the character Zui’jin who uses an axe that can cut through and kill enemies. He is described as “murderously fast” with his weapon. Not only is he dangerous by default, but he gets even more so when he takes in more damage.

According to a report by Gamespot, Blizzard provided an overview of his talent, traits and abilities when the character was announced through a Facebook livestream.

Below is the published traits, abilities and talents the new character of Heroes of the Storm PC game, as reported by WWG.


  • Berserker
    • Basic Attack damage increases by 25% but consumes 2% of the minimum Health per attack when activated
    • The character attacks 1% faster for every 1% of maximum Health missing

Basic Abilities

  • Grievous Throw (Q)
    • Zul’jin throws an axe forward, dealing damage to the first 2 enemies hit and marking them for 8 seconds. Marked enemies take 50% bonus damage from Zul’jin’s next 3 Basic Attacks against them.
  • Twin Cleave (W)
    • Throw 2 axes in a large circular arc, dealing damage and slowing affected enemies by 15% per axe for 2 seconds.
  • Regeneration (E)
    • Channel Zul’jin channels to regenerate 25% of his maximum Health over 4 seconds.

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Heroic Abilities

  • Taz’dingo! (R)
    • The character cannot be killed for the next 4 seconds and cannot be reduced to less than 1 Health.
  • Guillotine (R)
    • Zul’jin throws a massive guillotine blade into the sky that crashes down on enemies in the targeted area. More damage if Zul’jin’s Health is lower
Heroes of the Storm

Image Source: Heroes of the Storm Facebook Account


Hero Level (Tier)TalentDescription
1 (1)[Q] BoneslicerPierced through enemies and Bonus damage increased by 15%.
1 (1)[Passive] Arcanite AxesTwin Cleave cool down reduced by 0.5 seconds for every Hero hit. If Jhealth is 50% below, the ability power is increased by 25%.
1 (1)[Passive] You Want Axe?Every 5 Basic Attacks used against Heroes increases Basic Attack damage by 1.5. Range permanently gain 20% upon reaching 24 Stacks.
4 (2)[E] Troll’s Blood75% increases in Regeneration healing.
4 (2)[Passive] Let the Killing BeginEnemies killed by you increase your attack speed by 6% for 10 seconds. Attacks refresh duration.
4 (2)[Passive] Headhunter[!] Quest: Kill all unique enemy Heroes. Reward: Activate to reveal all enemy Heroes for 4 seconds.
7 (3)[Q] Vicious AssaultBasic Attacks against afflicted Heroes reduces cooldown by 2 seconds. Increases the number of charges to 6.
7 (3)[W] Wrong Place Wrong TimeDeal bonus damage if an enemy is hit by both axes at the same time.
7 (3)[Trait] RecklessnessGain 25% bonus Attack Damage while below 50% health.
10 (4)[R1] Taz’dingo!Cannot be reduced to less than 1 Health for the next 4 seconds.
10 (4)[R2] GuillotineThrow a massive axe into the air that crashes down on enemies, dealing damage based on missing Health.
13 (5)[Q] Eye of Zul’jinMovement Speed increases by 25% for 2 seconds when hitting an enemy Hero with Grievous Throw
13 (5)[E] Forest MedicineRegeneration no longer has to be channeled. Damage still breaks the heal.
13 (5)[Active] Voodoo ShuffleRemoves all Slow and Root effects when activated.
16 (6)[W] Swirling DeathAxes cycle twice and can hit enemies on each revolution but cooldown is increased by 4 seconds.
16 (6)[W] LacerateSlow amount of each axe increases by 15%.
16 (6)[Trait] FerocityAttack Speed bonus of Berserker increases by 40%.
20 (7)[R1] Amani ResilienceWhile using Taz’dingo, restore Health equal to 50% of the damage you dealt.
20 (7)[R2] BuzzsawAfter impact, the Guillotine continues rapidly forward, dealing damage to enemies in the line.
20 (7)[Active] EnsnareThrow a net forward, rooting the first enemy hit.

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