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New King Of Fighters 14 Demo Shows Updates On Characters & More

King Of Fighters 14


New King Of Fighters 14 Demo Shows Updates On Characters & More

A new demo for the King Of Fighters 14 Version 1.10 update has been released, giving players a glimpse of what to expect for the upcoming update.

An update is set to hit the latest installment in the King Of Fighters series. The update, called Ver 1.10 is scheduled to be released 11th of January in Japan next year, and most likely overseas as well.

A demo had been released back then, and a 2nd demo was released in Japan recently. A western release of the 2nd demo was already available the same time in Japan. However, it was taken out for some unknown reason in the North American PlayStation Store. It would most likely return later or within this week.

King Of Fighters 14 Demo 2

The 2nd Demo teases players with what to expect for the upcoming Ver 1.10. Here are some of the things the 2nd Demo has to offer:

Graphics Update

The most notable feature for the update is the graphical overhaul, and players already get to experience it in the demo. While the 14th King Of Fighters was overall well received, it has received some criticism for using outdated 3D models. SNK would address this issue in the Ver 1.10 update. And judging from the demo, the graphical enhancements looks pretty great; the improvements in the lighting and shaders are also quite visible.

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Playable Characters in the Version 2 Demo

Aside from series staples Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, and Terry Bogard, other popular characters such as Yuri Sakazaki and Leona Heidern have been added. Characters who had debuted in the K.O.F. 14, Shun’ei and the King of Dinosaurs are also playable in the demo. This gives players a closer experience and feel for the upcoming update next year.

Additionally, the variations for the character colors have been increased from 4 to 6 this time around.

Demo Version 2 available Game Modes

The Demo Version 2 would contain all regular game mode features such as Versus mode, Training mode, and tutorial mode. However, there is a disclaimer that since it is a trial version, all all functionality aren’t guaranteed.

The January 11, 2017 release date is confirmed. Meanwhile, the arcade version of the King Of Fighters 14 would be out in Japan around February. The K.O.F. series is usually released for the arcades first, instead of the other way around.

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