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New Metroid Game Hinted For Nintendo Switch Release

Metroid Game
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New Metroid Game Hinted For Nintendo Switch Release

Samus Aran fans, get in gear as a new Metroid game may make its way to the Nintendo Switch. Here’s the rest of the news on the rumor mill. This is big news for fans as Metroid remains to be one of the “classics” in the gaming genre.

This also appears to be a good time for a new Metroid game to be released. After all, Nintendo is raising the stakes for its “battle” against the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. What better way to even the odds than with a return of the classic?

However, not much is known about the teased Metroid game. Still, here’s everything we know, from the rumors down to “official” announcements. Will Samus Aran make a return?

New Metroid Game: What Is It About?

Nintendo fans can thank Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime for the tease. He said some classic Nintendo franchises could return to the Switch, including our favorite Samus Aran. He announced the good news to GameSpot at a Nintendo Switch hands-on event.

Reggie said he is always being asked about games such as Metroid. However, instead of simply dismissing the questions all over, he said players can wait until next year for announcements. He easily acknowledged that there really are just IPs that consumers can’t wait to play.

Metroid: A Refresher

Of course, it’s wise to take the comments with a grain of salt. Not to mention, the project wasn’t officially announced yet. Still, with the Switch being released soon, a Metroid title may not be too far off. And if anyone would know anything about it, Reggie is the guy to go.

It can be remembered that the franchise skipped an entry for the Wii U entirely. Although according to Game Rant, Nintendo promised to bring back the franchise soon with the release of their “next console.” If there’s a perfect time to announce a new Metroid, it’s during E3 2017 in June.

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