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New Nintendo Mobile Games To Be Released Each Year: Details Here

NIntendo Mobile
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/ZackScottGames account

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New Nintendo Mobile Games To Be Released Each Year: Details Here

Nintendo mobile had shown success towards the end of last year. This is due to the release of their latest Super Mario Run mobile game. It seems that Nintendo will have a lot more to offer. This is with regards to mobile content for the next following years. People will soon see more Nintendo games on mobile devices.

Two To Three Games Each Year

Nintendo has finally confirmed how they will proceed with their strategies when it comes to Nintendo mobile games. The Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company will launch two to three mobile titles per year. Tatsumi Kimishima – the fifth and current president of Nintendo – said via Reuters that they will start with this strategy this year.

However, Kimishima did not say how much from those Nintendo mobile games would be developed by just Nintendo itself. This is a valid query because Nintendo asked for help from DeNA Co., Ltd. in establishing a mobile game partnership back in 2015. DeNA Co., Ltd. is a provider of mobile portal and e-commerce websites based in Japan.

Nintendo Mobile Games

Aside from Super Mario Run — which will be released on Android this March and has gotten over 79 million downloads only on the iOS — Nintendo is set to release Fire Emblem Heroes on iOS and Android this week. They will also be launching an Animal Crossing mobile game in 2018. Nintendo also said that they would release five mobile game in total by the end of March this year. This will include Miitomo.

NIntendo MobilePia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Fire Emblem Heroes Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Polygon account

In a report by EngadgetFire Emblem Heroes will mark Nintendo’s first real move to a more profit-gaining experience. Even though Super Mario Run was a free-to-start game, Fire Emblem Heroes will be more profitable because it will be a free-to-play business model. Since Nintendo is still adjusting when it comes to developing mobile games, they will watch the progress of Fire Emblem Heroes more keenly as this will be their basis in deciding how to deal with their future mobile franchises. This especially pertains to their monetary strategy.

The announcement from Kimishima came after the company said that it will cut by one third on its full-year operating profit. This particular update should encourage investors despite the dismaying financial news. But, Kimishima assured that “We would like to utilize smart devices as a platform to reach the maximum number of consumers with our IP,” as reported by GameSpot.

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