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New PS4 Slim Bundle Launches With Two ‘Call Of Duty’ Games

PS4 Slim
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New PS4 Slim Bundle Launches With Two ‘Call Of Duty’ Games

Sony and Activision will launch a new PS4 Slim bundle with the latest Call of Duty games next week. This was a result of last year’s success with the bundle on Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

John Koller, PlayStation Brand Marketing Vice President, posted on the PlayStation blog that Sony will launch a $300 bundle with the 500GB PS4 Slim model with controller. The PS4 model can be bought alongside the Call of Duty game. This features download vouchers for two games which are the Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered editions.

Two Call of Duty Games

The blog post displays that this PS4 Slim bundle is great for fans who have not experienced the battles in Infinite Warfare. The post also claims that players can relive the campaigns of Modern Warfare Remastered, one of the most critically-acclaimed games in Call of Duty‘s history, in this new bundle.

Remember that the bundle includes a physical copy of Infinite Warfare and a digital copy of Modern Warfare Remastered. The physical copy of the former needs to be inserted in order to play the latter.

What’s New

The bundle comes with a Terminal Bonus Map. The map functions to transport players to the fan-favorite Terminal map from the Modern Warfare 2 version. There will also be new 90s-rave-themed zombies stage.

It is of the advantage of PlayStation VR system owners because the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR Experience is available for free. There is no need for a copy of Infinite Warfare to enjoy the game. This is available on both PS4 and PS VR.

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Why Buy a PS4 Slim

The new PS4 device represents the new standard PS4 console. This is a remodel of the hardware specifically the console and the controller. While its function is similar to other PS4 consoles already in the market, according to Trusted Reviews, this device is quieter, leaner and less power hungry than its older versions thus it is a relatively decent upgrade.

PS4 Slim

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/IGN account

Plus, you will get an advantage by buying this model now, because it is in a bundle along with one of the most massive first-person shooting games in the world, Call of Duty.

Moreover, Koller promises “an incredible lineup of games coming in 2017” in the blog post.

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