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New Steam Games December 2016: Latest Releases This Past Week

Steam Games December 2016

PC Games

New Steam Games December 2016: Latest Releases This Past Week

New Steam Games December 2016: know what latest titles have been released in the past week.

Most people are definitely busy during the holiday season, so there might be a lot of games one might have missed during the holidays.

The following are some Steam Games December 2016 that one might have missed during the holiday week:

Resident Evil 7: Biohzard Demo: Beginning Hour

This title would actually be the least likely to be missed for most, despite still being a demo. That is, except for the aforementioned busy people. The Resident Evil series is on its way back to being a true survival horror game again. The shift on the camera from third person to first person is also reminiscent of Resident Evil Gun Survivor for the PS One. Since it is still a demo, it is available right now for free.

A Demon’s Game

Another first person horror title is out, despite being the Holiday season instead of Halloween. The first episode is out now for  ‎$3.19. Players assume the role of Daniel, just a normal guy until everything changed one day. Players explore various areas while having to deal with that are quite unique from each other.

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The Grey Man, not related to the D.Gray-man anime and has nothing to do with the series, is a game about aliens in the Tinderboone National Park. But what makes the game fun and unique is that the player assumes the role of the alien or ‘visitor’ instead. Players also get to do so in an open world side-scrolling environment. The game is currently available for $9 and is rendered in a pixelated 8-bit style.

Angels of Death

While already out in Japan for some time, this is the first time it is officially playable to a worldwide audience via Steam! This horror-themed JRPG, and another horror-themed release on the list, is also already available in English for only $9.99. Angel of Death is from the same creator of “Kirisame ga furu mori“, so those who are familiar with it would have a lot of ideas on what to expect.
The PC Gamer website also keeps players up to date with more obscure indie releases on Steam. The official Steam website also has a list of the most current Steam Games December 2016.

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