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New Steam Games This Week: Kalaban, Felis & More

New Steam Games
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New Steam Games This Week: Kalaban, Felis & More

The massive library of Steam never runs out of new Steam games that are released weekly. This is a treat to all gamers who would like to try different games aside from the ones they already have.

For this week, Steam has new game releases which include Kalaban, Tattletail, Felis and more. Check out the list below.


Rayhouse Productions developed Kalaban priced at $10/£7 (40% off for launch). This is a story-driven game that has a horror theme set in Finland. The main character is named Bob who is attacked by a mutant monster in his home. Because of this, Bob will try to find out what happened and will face different challenges along the way.


From developer Waygetter Electronics, this is a first-person horror game wherein a child’s toy comes to life and search for blood. It is similar to the Five Nights and Freddy’s game but it is played in a different manner. The game is priced at $5/£4.

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The Bits That Saved The Universe

The Bits That Saved The Universe is good for four players. It is an “Atari-style” action platformer wherein the player will traverse the galaxy and fight robots who try to invade your world. One could also visit different planets but that wouldn’t be easy of course. This is one of the new Steam games which is tagged at $3/£2 and developed by James C. Gray.


Cat lovers will like Felis since it is a game about saving cats. The players will free the cats from their traps and bring them to a safe spot. What makes this Jose Pedro Diaz game challenging are the evil creatures that follow the players to get the cats. Felis cost $8/£5.59.

Fearful Symmetry

Priced at $2/£1.59 (30% off for launch), the Fearful Symmetry is a puzzle game involving two characters. The characters are opposite each other wherein one move moves down and the other moves up. There are different obstacles in the game that the characters need to go through. It is developed by Claudio Bozzotta.

Which of the above new Steam games would you download?

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