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Next Fallout Game Hinted For New Orleans Setting

Fallout Game
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Next Fallout Game Hinted For New Orleans Setting

Fallout fans, you asked so the developers delivered. Obsidian and Bethesda Softworks may have very well teased the next Fallout game in the works. This time, it’s set in New Orleans.

Bethesda fans are always quick on their toes when it comes to new games. This is especially when it’s related to an Elder Scrolls or a Fallout game, given these are the publisher’s biggest titles. Still, new teasers appear to get these games closer to reality.

As to whether the teaser itself is about a new Fallout game is for the fans to decide. However, the mere fact that there’s a teaser itself is big news for big fans of Obsidian Entertainment. Are we finally getting that game?

New Fallout Game: Revealed Soon?

The rumors escalated into next level when Obsidian Entertainment released an image of its next Project Louisiana game. It could very well point out Pillars of Eternity 2. However, if we follow the rumor mill, then Fallout New Orleans may be a more reasonable choice.

According to Game Rant, it can be remembered that Obsidian Entertainment did file a trademark for New Orleans five months back. Bethesda kept mum about the situation, but fans cannot help but speculate. Now that Project Louisiana is teased once more, can it very well be the next Fallout title?

The image features a pipe and a drain and a quote. It reads: “I used to dream that when my god came back, he would forgive us. That’s the trouble with dreams. Sooner or later, we all have to wake up.” Sadly, that’s as far as we could get.

There’s no official confirmation yet that this is in fact a Fallout New Orleans teaser. However, if we consider the trademark and other evidence, it may very well be the case. Take this with a grain of salt, Bethesda fans, but we’re going to dwell into speculations now.

Fallout New Orleans: What Are the Odds?

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, which makes the project name apt. The trademark itself that was filed in Europe is a big consideration as well. Not to mention, Bethesda did not bring up any new Elder Scrolls game in sight. Meaning, if there’s a new game to appear, it ought to be New Orleans.

According to Game Rant, it can be remembered that Obsidian Entertainment is also open to the idea of a new Fallout title. If we consider the success of the franchise at the hands of Obsidian, no studio will be able to make a better Fallout title. Since the two-year anniversary of Fallout 4 is coming up, there’s no better timing than this one.

Fans can still consider a Pillars of Eternity sequel. This is considering Pillars of Eternity, the Baldur’s Gate spiritual successor, had stellar reviews. Still, until Obsidian Entertainment officially confirms this, everything still rests on speculative ground.

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