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Next Hearthstone Expansion Could Be Dinosaur-Themed


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Next Hearthstone Expansion Could Be Dinosaur-Themed

Blizzard might be hard at work with a new Hearthstone expansion. Hints around the internet may be pointing towards a dinosaur-themed update. This opens the realm of the game to opportunities such as new cards and new rules.

It can be remembered that Blizzard’s Hearthstone has been quite the hit for both WarCraft fans and card-game enthusiasts. Its straightforward mechanics and wide array of cards allowed a lot of room for strategy and deck-building. However, it seems Blizzard is not stopping with expansions any time soon.

If the hints and rumors circulating around the internet are true, then a new expansion is on the horizon. Interestingly, the expansion will be all about dinosaurs. WarCraft fans will know this only points to one place: the dinosaur-filled region of Un’Goro.

Hearthstone Expansion: Lost Secrets of Un’Goro

The hints officially began courtesy of voice actor Lani Minella’s updated resume. She is no stranger to working with Blizzard, as she appeared in both StarCraft 2 (as Slivan, the Eternal Mother) and Hearthstone (Arathi Weaponsmith, Cult Master, Imp Master).  This time, it appears she will be working with yet another expansion of the latter.

This theory was elaborated upon by Reddit users. A thread revealed that she will appear as Golakka Crawler, the Hydra, the Anklesaur, the Pterodactyl, and the Brontosaurus. These creatures are all vicious fauna and, if cross-referenced with the WarCraft mythos, point to the Un’Goro crater.

If Reddit is correct, then the new expansion will be called the Lost Secrets of Un’GoroWorld of Warcraft fans and players will be familiar with the Un’Goro crater in the Southern Kalimdor region. It is known for its large volcano, typically populated by fire elementals. The place also has quite the impressive dinosaur population.

April Reveal?

According to Game Rant, expansions for the game typically arrive in four-month intervals. This means, if Mean Streets of Gadgetzan arrived in December 2016, then Un’Goro will arrive some time in April. Of course, this is if Minella’s resume is correct.

Blizzard has a habit of teasing its expansions for the card game a month before they are released. This means it may not be too long before players are officially teased with the expansion. In fact, if this is true, players may be able to see previews of cards as early as March.

This is a good sign that Blizzard is continuing to show support for the hit card game. It was released last March 2014, and has undergone quite a lot of changes. The free-to-play card game is a success story for Blizzard, as the game still continues to generate revenue for the company with its features.

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