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Next Pokemon Go Update May Feature Lots Of Magikarp – Here’s Why

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Next Pokemon Go Update May Feature Lots Of Magikarp – Here’s Why

Get ready to catch a motherlode of Magikarp! The next Pokemon Go update might feature Magikarp as the prime catch once Niantic rolls out the new patch this April.

Pokemon Go Update Analysis

A Silph Road user called SalivaDangles revealed the possibility of a Magikarp event during April Fools. Furthermore, there is no means to authenticate the possibility of the event. However, the theory might be quite interesting for the fans. Looking at the past Pokemon affairs, the decision behind the release of each Pokemon Go happening adds some pretty interesting conclusions. In the meantime, the Pokemon Medals might have hinted what Niantic is cooking up next.

S.Dangles recalled that there was a Pokemon Go event that triggered an abundance of Pikachu everywhere. Even more, catching an ample amount of Ratata will complete the medal requirement. Following the December 2016 Santa Hat Pikachu event, the Pikachu medal is a lot easier to get.

Here is a guide on how to get the medals:

  • Pikachu Medal: 3, 50, 200 Pikachu for Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • Youngster Medal: 3, 50, 300 Tiny Ratata for B, S, G.
  • Fisherman Medal: 3, 50, 300 Big Majikarp for B, S, G.

To get the Pikachu medal, any type of the yellow-tailed electric specie will do. Secondly, Ratata tagged with an extra small for weight will qualify for the Youngster medal category. Lastly, Magikarp that are tagged with extra-large (XL) will be counted for the Fisherman Medal.

Why Magikarp In The Next Pokemon Go Update

The three medals are the only ones available related to capturing Pokemon. Among the three, the Magikarp medal is the hardest to attain. In addition, the XL Magikarp spawn rate is very low. Strengthening the conclusion that an event related to this fish specie is the most logical theory. Based on the 14% spawn rate of XL Magikarp, a trainer who catches 200 of this specie can get a sad total of 28 XL.

The Magikarp is Pokemon who traditionally signals the comedic sequence in the earlier Niantic games. It also appears in TV shows, and movies. While comedy and fun is the theme of April Fools Day, giving the fish an event on the 1st of April is perfect for the creature. However, these are just theories. Fans need to push Niantic to make this a reality.

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