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Next Total War Game In ‘Full Production’ – News, Everything We Know So Far

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Next Total War Game In ‘Full Production’ – News, Everything We Know So Far

Real time strategy (RTS) fans have a new Total War game to look forward to. However, it seems Creative Assembly is not yet ready to announce the details. Regardless, this means players have another strategy title to expect within the next few years.

Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise recently broke away from realistic trends with Warhammer. This new installment took the series to the fantasy realm of Warhammer, the medieval version of Warhammer 40K. However, fans who miss the classic treatment will have a real-world game to expect “soon.”

Unfortunately, it seems developers from Creative Assembly have yet to announce a lot of details regarding the new title. Still, this may not stop fans from speculating about its details. Here is one theory below, though do take note that this is just speculation.

Total War: New Game

News of the new game have come straight from a Creative Assembly post. Its developers let fans know that the next TW title is now in “full production.” This can be extremely good news for players who enjoyed the titles’ depth and realism, something other RTS franchises lacked.

According to GameRant, players should expect a strong focus on character design. Fans should also expect accurate depictions of key personalities of the chosen period of the game. Of course, RTS gamers will also see the same thrill from combat animations of previous TW titles.

However, fans may be curious just which period this new title will choose for its setting. Creative Assembly have already done games of very notable periods. Previous installments in the series were set in Rome and even the Napoleonic era.

Speculations, Story

If fans may choose to speculate, then it may do good to observe other developments in the RTS scene. So far, only Halo Wars 2 and Dawn of War 3 are the most expected titles in the genre. Both of them are set in highly futuristic settings, which may be another path Creative Assembly might take.

As for the story, it may be interesting to see Creative Assembly tackle the science fiction genre. Their TW series is known for having realistic depictions of technology and factions. It may do good for sci-fi fans to see a Creative Assembly treatment to real-world technologies.

However, if Battlefield 1 is any indication, sci-fi may not be the developers’ immediate move. After all, BF1 was set in the Great War, while competitors Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Titanfall 2 were both in futuristic eras. Given BF1‘s success, Creative Assembly might opt to choose a more historical setting as well.

It is currently unknown if Creative Assembly will opt for a physical release or a digital release. After all, some games like Mass Effect Andromeda have digital special editions. Interestingly, Creative Assembly may opt to make a console version of their next TW game as well, but again, only the developers have the final say.

Total War currently celebrates 17 years of RTS gaming. Fans may look forward to future announcements from Creative Assembly in the coming months.

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