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NFL Cowboys Trade: Is Tony Romo Broncos Transfer Confirmed

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NFL Cowboys Trade: Is Tony Romo Broncos Transfer Confirmed

Cowboys trade rumors are confirming Tony Romo’s transfer to another club. Romo will reportedly join the Broncos and Dak Prescott seems happy about his departure.

Cowboys trade reports point at Prescott symbolically taking over the baton from Romo. Yahoo! Sports reports that Romo seemed to suggest the same at his news conference. The veteran QB has recovered from the broken bone in his back and is now practicing and even slipped on uniform as No. 2. for the Cowboys.

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NFL news hint at Romo giving up on his starter quarterback position after Prescott led the team to a 9th consecutive win on Sunday. The Ravens were vanquished 27-17 with Prescott playing a fabulous game indeed.

The Cowboys now have the best NFL record so far in the season. Prescott played to perfection in the second half of the game against the Ravens, completing 14 out of 15 pass attempts which is really impressive. The Cowboys notched up 417 yards along with converting a decent 58% of third-down chances.

What Romo Said in His Speech reports that Romo made a very personal speech at his news conference. There are rumors of the speech not being vetted by the Cowboys’ PR outfit. Even owner Jerry Jones did not know what the speech contained.

Prescott is now the starting quarterback for the Cowboys and will remain so for the future as well. Prescott is being seen as the best future option and in this case, Romo no longer holds a chance. And Romo seemed to suggest that Prescott has earned his starting position at his news conference as well.

Romo now understands that he will not get a chance to even compete for his place. He must have spoken to the management earlier in this regard as per speculation. Romo will certainly find an off season deal and the Cowboys will try to trade him as well. Owner Jerry Jones may not want him to be a backup option for another year.

Romo is already eyeing the Broncos as per reports. There are other options like the Bills, Cardinals, Bears and Jets. However, the Broncos remain Romo’s preferred option and they may jump in with a trade offer sometime soon!

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