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Nier Automata DLC: Here’s Why It Won’t Have Any Notable Expansions

Nier Automata


Nier Automata DLC: Here’s Why It Won’t Have Any Notable Expansions

Nier Automata is Square Enix’s latest entry in the action-adventure genre outside Final Fantasy. Its fast-paced gameplay and mechanics helped it garner positive reception from critics and gamers since its launch. However, will the game get new expansions?

The game is the sequel to Nier, a spin-off of the Drakengard series. The title lets players take on the role of 2B, a combat android, in a post-apocalyptic world. Gamers are tasked to uncover the mystery behind the human-robot war. Interestingly, fans can consider Nier Automata a surprise release. After all, a lot of players gave the original Nier game mediocre reception.

This forces a lot of pressure towards Nier Automata. Players may expect the title to revive the Nier franchise. Unfortunately, this may not happen in the near future. However, this is not because its creators do not want to continue – but rather, this is because of budget constraints.

Nier Automata: Will There Be Any DLCs?

The news is courtesy of an interview with game director Yoko Taro. This was done during the Nier panel in PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts last week. Fans can view the entire interview in the game’s Facebook page.

Taro explained that the primary reason that the title lacks any downloadable content (DLC) is because the budget necessary to make such developments are extremely lacking. According to a Gaming Bolt piece, some may interpret this as a desire to make new expansions, but without the necessary budget.

Along with an apology, Taro also added that he hopes players do not expect too much from additional content in the game. This means the game confines the entire Nier experience within itself.

Should You Get The Title?

Interestingly, a lot can praise the latest Nier game in a lot of ways. Positive reviews of the title highlighted parts of the entry such as its gameplay and aesthetic as points of interest. Players take particular fascination in the game’s fast-paced battle system, which is a nod to the hit Final Fantasy franchise.

Gamers take control of 2B and her assistant, 9S. They can wield a variety of weapons and gear, which can be augmented with a variety of upgrades. Interestingly, they can be accompanied by up to three combat pods that can assist in battle. Players can control the pod with an entire button, meaning they have to coordinate the pod with their entire combat “routine.”

This affords a lot of customization opportunities to match different opponents. On top of this, the game’s aesthetics will appeal to fans of Gothic-based media. The landscapes in the title offer a bleak look into the future, while some appear to come straight from fairy tales. Nier mixes Gothic architecture with futuristic ruins, which makes its story all the more intriguing.

Some players may consider the above aspects enough to constitute the entire Nier experience. However, some fans may find themselves expecting for more updates to fully close the game’s overarching narrative. Unfortunately, only Yoko Taro and Square Enix can answer questions on the future of the franchise.

Nier‘s PS4 version was released for the US on March 7. The PC version release date was recently confirmed for March 17.

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