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Nier Automata Guide For Best Gameplay For Beginners

Nier Automata Guide


Nier Automata Guide For Best Gameplay For Beginners

Square Enix has arrived in the action-adventure gaming scene with another installment of the Nier franchise. Unfortunately, open-world action titles can easily overwhelm gamers. This Nier Automata guide will help players get the hang of the game.

Nier Automata takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans and machines battle for survival. Players will wear the shoes of a combat android named 2B. Gamers will have to unearth what really happened with the catastrophe that plunged Earth into chaos. This Nier Automata guide will get players up to speed so they can focus on the game’s lore.

Interestingly, Nier Automata can be overwhelming to new players. After all, it appears its numerous features need their separate Nier Automata guide. However, gamers may find a pattern they could use to gain an advantage in the title.

Nier Automata Guide: Where To Begin?

Eurogamer said Nier Automata can be a bit messy for rookies in the Nier series. Game creator Yoko Taro made sure to blend roleplaying game (RPG) elements to an open world with unique hack-and-slash combat mechanics. Gamers can find themselves confused as to which aspects of the game to focus on. However, this is where the title appears to shine.

Players themselves can easily drown in the game’s cyberpunk aesthetic. The amount of stylish clothing and big weapons can fascinate fans into these kinds of aesthetics. Customization junkies can also take their good time analyzing the game’s intricate combat mechanics. In the face of all these elements, the best way to understand the game is to focus on one element at a time.

In fact, it is advised that players experiment with the camera early on. Gamers will soon understand that the game’s combat depends on how quick 2B can connect her attacks. However, much of these depend on how well players see their opponents. The title has multiple views, and each weapon can be best used with some of them.

Exploration, Combat

Game Rant also advises players to analyze their arsenal carefully. For instance, the pet Pod that follows them is actually a weapon. It can attack if players hold R1 in their controllers. Some may think the minimal damage it does is useless. However, players who find themselves in a pinch may very well depend on the Pod. Gamers should take the time to analyze the various upgrades that Pod can get so it can be used in combat more efficiently.

In fact, players should also take note of various storage upgrades. 2B has limited storage space, so her modifications can be very minimal. Unfortunately, the game has a host of useful upgrades that are too valuable to lose. The best remedy for this is to either choose your mods wisely or keep them for a while.

The game is also an open world for a reason. Players who are into the title’s aesthetics will have a lot of benefits if they explore the map. The entry has a ton of items and weapons to offer, given enough exploration. The money they earn in the process can also give them a competitive advantage when they purchase equipment.

Lastly, players should invest in combining upgrade chips. Item fusion can be a very complicated thing in games, but this can very well ensure 2B’s survival. Combining upgrade chips can actually enhance their passive abilities. While some of these numbers appear low, combining them with other chips can actually boost 2B’s other statistics. Learn how to combine these well, and your battles will be easier to handle.

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