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Nier Automata Guide To Buying PlayStation Trophies With In-Game Money

Nier Automata
Photo screengrabbed from PlayStation YouTube Channel.

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Nier Automata Guide To Buying PlayStation Trophies With In-Game Money

Developer Platinum Games had just released Nier Automata in selected countries and it already shocked players with its surprising features. One of the things that they can do in the game includes purchasing the game’s trophies with in-game credits.

Although the feature would allow players to complete all trophies of the game, they only unlock it after fulfilling a certain condition. They have to, first, finish a complete play through of the game at least three times.

Nier Automata: Feature Discovered in Japanese Version

TechnoBuffalo reported that players first discovered the above-mentioned feature in the Japanese version of the game. It showed that the trophies’ price would range from 50,000G to 100,000G.

Majority of the players showed no hate towards the feature since unlocking it takes a lot of time. After the feature becomes available, players still have to grind for in-game money in order to purchase them.

List Of Trophies

According to PlayStationTrophies, the game consists of 48 obtainable trophies that players aspire to collect. They can obtain some of them by performing simple actions while others require a lot of time and effort. The trophies in the game include:

  1. Final Words – playing the game.
  2. The Circle of Death – having the player’s body collected.
  3. Cherish Our Resources – collecting at least 100 bodies.
  4. First Errand – completing the first quest.
  5. The Mercenary – completing at least 80 percent of all the quests.
  6. Information Master – finding at least 80 percent of all the archives.
  7. Destruction is My Job – unlocking at least 80 percent of all unit data.
  8. Chip Collector – collecting at least 80 percent of all plug-in chips.
  9. Weapons Mania – obtaining all pod programs.
  10. Tools of the Trade – upgrading any weapon to the highest level.
  11. Inorganic Battle – upgrading all weapons to the highest level.
  12. Supreme Support Weapons – upgrading all pods to the highest level.
  13. Ruler of the Skies – destroying at least 255 enemies using a flight unit.
  14. Harvest King – gathering materials at a hidden harvest point 10 tiems.
  15. Pod Hunter – finding all pods.
  16. Desire Without Emotion- at least 100,000G in possession.
  17. Animal Rider – ride any animal for five kilometers.
  18. A Round by the Pond – catching at least 20 different kinds of fishes.

Secret Trophies

  1. Resuscitated Body – staring into space from the Bunker.
  2. Vestiges of Prosperity – arriving at the city ruins.
  3. It’s Healthy Baby Boy! – completing the desert area.
  4. We Await You Next Visit – completing the amusement park ruins.
  5. Creation and Insurrection – completing the alien ship.
  6. The Mechanical Kingdom – completing the forest castle.
  7. Ruler of the Deep – completing the flooded city.
  8. Those Who Love Humans – completing the copied city.
  9. Iron Soul – completing the abandoned factory.
  10. One Battle Ends – achieving ending A.
  11. A New Battle Begins – achieving ending B.
  12. Final Wish – watching 2B die.
  13. Treacherous Blade – control A2 for the first time.
  14. Farewell, Pascal – granting Pascal’s final request.
  15. Justice – stopping all resource recovery units.
  16. Crime and Punishment – watching the final moments of Devola and Popola/
  17. Leaving for the New World – achieving 9S’ ending
  18. Beautiful World – achieving A2’s ending
  19. The Minds That Emerged – viewing the final credits.
  20. Fighting’s Not My Thing – playing the first hacking game.
  21. A Scanner’s Power – destroying at least 100 machine lifeforms by hacking.
  22. Machines vs. Machines – destroying at least 50 machine lifeforms by remote control.
  23. The Power of Hate – destroying at least 50 machine lifeforms with berserk mode.
  24. Wait! Don’t Kill Me! – destroying at least 10 friendly machine lifeforms.
  25. What Are You Doing? – discovering 2S’ secret at least 10 times.
  26. Not That I Mind… – playing with 9S for one hour in a certain state.
  27. Come Take a Look! – using Emil’s shop for the first time.
  28. Naughty Children – destroying Emil.
  29. Transcendent Being – achieving all endings.
  30. Lunar Tear – vising the place of memories.

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