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Nier Automata Guide To Pod Program Locations & How To Get All Pods

Nier Automata Guide


Nier Automata Guide To Pod Program Locations & How To Get All Pods

Nier Automata will engulf fans with the depth of customization options in the game. This Nier Automata guide focuses on pods, or the machine assistants that aid the player in their journey. These robots have an integral part in ensuring the survival of gamers throughout the Square Enix title.

Nier Automata is the sequel to Nier, the spin-off series of the Square Enix title Drakengard. The game tells the story of a post-apocalyptic Earth and a robot-human war. Gamers take on the role of 2B, a combat android tasked with discovering just what caused this disaster. However, the massive open world entry may have players searching for a Nier Automata guide.

The Square Enix title is a fast paced action game. 2B possesses a variety of weapons she can use to quickly fight massive numbers of opponents. Unfortunately, the fluid nature of the entry means one wrong mistake can spell death to players. Pods can help avert this disaster, and this Nier Automata guide will help gamers on just how to use them.

Nier Automata Guide: Getting the Pods

There are actually three pods available in the entire game. Players can scour the entire open world to find them all, but it can prove difficult. SegmentNext explains that discovering a new pod expands 2B’s weapon inventory. Not only that, but collecting all of them unlocks the “Pod Hunter Trophy” achievement.

Pod A: This pod is actually the default pod in the game. 2B receives this during the Prologue mission. Players may experience much of the title’s offerings with this pod as their trusty aid.

Pod B: The second pod is located in Desert: Camp. Players who see the vendor should head to the area’s northwestern corner. The pod is located along one of the many dunes in this field. Unfortunately, the pod is well-hidden so gamers should have sharp eyes while trying to find this.

Pod C: The last pod will test the patience of gamers who want to find it. Unfortunately, 2B’s only way to get the pod is through fishing in Flooded City: Coast. Regardless, patient players can catch this pod after a few swings.

Pods also have pod programs. These are chips that upgrade their performance with different special abilities. The Laser is in fact the first pod program 2B gets from the Prologue.

Unfortunately, obtaining programs can be tricky as they are scattered around the world. RPG Site explains that when used correctly, these pod programs can give 2B a big advantage in combat. Players can get these programs in a variety of means.

Pod Program Locations

Purchase: In fact, players can purchase about half of the pod programs in the Resistance Camp. They all feature different abilities depending on 2B’s battle style. These range from offensive to defensive armaments.

  • The Mirage analyzes enemies within a fixed radius. 2B attacks all these opponents automatically once they are detected. The P-Shield and M-Shield guards 2B against projectile and melee damage, respectively.
  • The Hammer and Spear programs deal huge damage using lasers. The Hammer unleashes a big laser beam from the sky, akin to a mallet hitting a surface. Meanwhile, the Spear unleashes spears of lasers from the ground.
  • The Blade program allows 2B to throw the pod at enemies. The pod will spin itself to appear blade-like, causing damage. The high-speed attack can target multiple opponents.

Quests: Some programs can also be acquired through quests. This means 2B has to explore the game’s main world in order to acquire these programs. Fortunately, the quests themselves are easy to complete.

  • Wave is obtained by finishing Amnesia in City Ruins. Anything the Wave laser hits will force 2B to launch herself towards it. This gives her an instant teleportation ability to target opponents.
  • Repair emits a beam that is capable of healing combatants in its radius. This is acquired by completing Sorting Trouble 3.
  • Bomb throws small explosives in a certain direction. 2B can acquire this by finishing Find A Present.
  • Gravity unleashes a beam that “pulls” enemies towards it for added damage. This is acquired by completing the Retrieve the Confidential Intel quest.
  • Slow can slow down opponents by distorting time. However, 2B can only get this through the Data Analysis Freak 2 quest.

Special Programs

However, some programs are also acquired through Special means. These means the programs are not obtainable through Quests or through Purchases. Scanner for instance is given in the story. This emits an ultrasonic wave to scan the area for hidden items. Other special programs include:

  • Decoy creates a mirage of 2B that can distract opponents for a given time. This can be obtained from the YoRHa soldier corpse in the City Ruins.
  • Meanwhile, Volt stuns and shocks an enemy near 2B. This is continuous damage, which means it can kill weak opponents. This is found by destroying the Tank in the Amusement Park.
  • Finally, Missile allows 2B to ride a pod and control it to a certain degree. This causes the pod to “rush” towards an enemy like a battering ram. This is found in the Abandoned Factory, near the introductory area.

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