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Nier Automata Guide To Unlocking The True Ending

Nier Automata Guide
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Nier Automata Guide To Unlocking The True Ending

It is almost one month since Nier Automata was released and people are already finishing it. The game has multiple endings and there exist only one true ending. Here is a Nier Automata guide that will ensure players to achieve the real ending of the game.

This Nier Automata guide will help players unlock the fifth and original ending of the game known as ending E. Ending E will explain the satisfying conclusion to the story of androids 2B, 9S, and others.

In order for players to unlock Ending E, they first have to progress through the endings of 9S and A2. After completing the third play through, it will unlock either ending – C or D – depending on the choices made by the players. This Nier Automata guide will not work without first accomplishing the said endings.

Chapter Select Option Unlocked

After unlocking one of the required endings, players will unlock the option “Chapter Select.” It will allow players to backtrack to a specific moment they can change the decision they previously made.

With the “Chapter Select” players can easily unlock the other ending they did not choose. It will probably take them about five to ten minutes of game play in order to finish the ending they did not choose previously.

After finishing the last ending, the credits will start to roll out. Instead of leaving it as it is, players should pay attention to what it would say. Pod 042 will give series of prompts about fate choice that players must all answer yes.

Credits Mini-game

Once all the questions are answered, the game will rewind the credits and unlock a mini-game. Players will have a hard time beating the mini-game as even long-time players had difficulty finishing it.

According to GameRant, players might have to suffer several character deaths before they finish the game. After dying for numerous times, the game will also prompt the player to just give up and continue the credits.

Just keep playing the mini-game and it will inform players that they have received a rescue offer from a random player. Accept the offer and the ship of the players will have support from others.

It will make the mini-game easier, allowing players to successfully finish ending E, known as the “End of Yorha.” After the final cutscene, the game will present a revelation about the mini-game and the players will have to face a tough question. According to Kotaku, the choice is between continuing with the original save data or deleting it to save somebody else.

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