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Nier Automata Release Date & Gameplay: Here’s Why It’s Worth The Hype

Nier Automata
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Nier Automata Release Date & Gameplay: Here’s Why It’s Worth The Hype

The Nier Automata game is coming up and many are getting early kicks of its special features. Find out when the game will be released and why it is worth the hype.

The Nier Automata holds a very unique place among other video games. For starters, it centers on a very massive blade. Secondly, the game features a female character as main swinger of the heavy blade/sword.

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Woman Power In Nier Automata:

Hence, the game shows its player that women can actually do a lot of things men do. The two unique features of the RPG game are what fans believed to be the main come-here of the franchise.

The wonders of the giant blade/sword can reach the heavens. Incredibly so, the blade is so heavy that it would take time before the character could reposition it. Ultimately, the sword can borrow energy from other robots. It possesses a special connecting power that allows it to absorb other elementals’ energies. When this happens, the sword can give a massive blow to the enemy.

It’s Official:

Square Enix recently announced that it will be releasing the game’s demo on the PS4 platform tomorrow. Square Enix must have already sensed growing elation in the air. Hopefully, the demo would not only end up providing a glimpse to the audience, but also to accumulate early responses, comments and even criticisms from them.

What The Game Holds:

Many game experts, even as early as now, have already regarded the game to be the best RPG action-game to come out in 2017. The Japanese Cavia, the game’s main developer, never thought the game would ultimately make a connection with an audience. Firstly, the original Nier was odd and unattractive. But when they released it to a limited number of players, it earned unbelievable praises from them.

The game facilitates a good sense of fun and adventure without losing the heart. Ultimately, it hums in a set of soundtracks that prove to be the crème de la crème of all RPG game music labels.

More Updates:

The Nier Automata demo version will be released tomorrow while its official game release date falls on March 7, 2017 at PS4 format. Square Enix will hopefully provide other versions of the game like the Steam version later in the same year.

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