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Nier Automata Release Date News: In-Game Locations Revealed

Nier Automata
Image source: Segment Next website

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Nier Automata Release Date News: In-Game Locations Revealed

NieR Automata is nearing its launch date on February 23, 2017. The game is set for PS4 and PC. Square Enix is also upping the ante with their marketing strategy. At present, a new set of in-game locations are revealed.

NieR Automata In-game Locations

Famitsu captured various screenshots of the newest updates with NieR Automata as cited in Segment Next. Two more game locations were shown – one is the Abandoned Amusement Park and the other one is the Underwater City. The locations are all new and there is a lot to explore in these areas.

The Abandoned Amusement Park in NieR Automata is a land of dreams which used to entertain and make the people happy. The facility is still in operation even though there are no more visitors. But, a new community lives in the park. These are machine life forms which wear ornate costumes and creepy clown costumes.

The Sunken Underwater City is a place of battle. Due to the war, the ground collapsed and sank into the bottom of the ocean. Only high towers and skyscrapers are visible out of water.

Nier AutomataPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Segment Next website

Other New Features

There is also a Jukebox found at the Resistance Camp where players can choose to listen to the music of the game. They can decide to fix and mix the vocal portions and the instrumentals that accompany the voice by using the Jukebox. This is a good way to feel deeply immersed on the game.

There will also be not only one, but two modes of transportation for the role-playing game. Players can ride a deer. They can also choose to ride a boar in the exploration of the open world places. The wildlife animals can also be utilized in attacking adversaries.

Taipei Game Show 2017

The gameplay on the two latest in-game locations will be shown at the Taipei Game Show which will hold a special Playstation Stage on the show. This will happen between January 20 until January 22. The game is scheduled to appear on January 22, 2:00PM Taiwan Time. Yosuke Saito, the game’s Producer and Yui Ishikawa, who will voice 2B in the game, will be the guests who will represent the game.

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