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Nier Automata Release Date & News: Original Game May Have Remaster

Nier Automata


Nier Automata Release Date & News: Original Game May Have Remaster

Square Enix just hosted a Q&A with Nier Automata creator Yoko Taro. He hinted the possibility of a remaster of the original game. However, players have to buy NieR: Automata first.

Nier Automata Remastered

The Nier Automata creator also said the game will take around 25 hours to get the real ending. Furthermore, there will be alternative endings in the game, but they won’t be unlocked in the same way as they were in its predecessor. “You’ll have to figure out how to get them on your own,” Yoko mentioned. Finishing the game will take around 55 to 60 hours.

A fan on Facebook asked the possibility of a Nier remaster or relaunch. The director replied, “There is a very high possibility if NieR Automata sells like hotcakes, yes.” The demo on the PS4 shows that it does well, switching between being a 3D action game to playing like a side-scroller. There will additionally be other genres in there as well. The first Automata had a text adventure section, which implies that there might be such a feature in the sequel.

Taro’s Personality

Yoko Taro is known for his uniqueness. In the Automata demo on PlayStation 4, players get a ‘game over’ screen by detaching a character’s item. The item description does warn the player that removal means death.

In addition, when asked if he had a message for fans, Yoko replied, “I wouldn’t expect too much from this game if I were you.” As for news on the PC version, he kept silent. “We’re working hard on it, but if I said anything, ninjas from [Square Enix] would try to kill me, so I’ve got nothing to announce,” designer Takahisa Taura quipped.

Automata Production

Production for the game began in 2014, with six months of pre-production. The studio added many staff members from the first Nier. Yoko was the brains behind the game’s scenario. The studio defined the game’s central theme as “agaku,” a Japanese word which means to struggle out of a bad situation.

When creating the story, Yoko was iffy about adding the first installment’s major characters’ Devola and Popola to the scenario. This is due to their integral role in the first game. Eventually, he decided to add them. During production, the studio took both critic and fan feedback of Nier, further adding their later opinions on the game into account. The points that they felt needed to be addressed had ranged from character designs, to gameplay, to graphics.

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