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Nier Automata Spoilers: What REALLY Happened Before The Game’s Story

Nier Automata
NieR: Automata Trailer (YouTube/ @PlayStation)

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Nier Automata Spoilers: What REALLY Happened Before The Game’s Story

Nier Automata is an action role-playing video game developed by Platinum Games. As the sequel to 2010’s Nier, this gameplay follows the events of the cult-classic that takes place in the far future.

According to Breitbart, in the franchise’s second installment, alien invaders take over the Earth which has caused mankind to seek refuge on the moon. What remains of humanity launches a counter-attack in an attempt to regain the home planet. In the game, players control 2B – a combat android – in the open-world adventure, Nier Automata.

NieR Automata Back Story

Players are able to dive in without prior experience with its predecessor. Further, to give players a better understanding of the plot, Sony provided an overview of the events before Automata’s story began.

According to the post, Nier is actually an alternative ending to the PS2 game Drakengard. The game had multiple endings and the fifth gave life to the game’s timeline. In this alternative outcome, Drakengard’s giant Queen Beast antagonist teleported to modern-day Tokyo. The game’s fire-breathing hero dispatched her and wrecked havoc on humanity. The giant’s death unleashed a killer virus upon mankind.

Eventually, the disease, White Chlorination Syndrome, spread quickly, thus devastating the globe. Unfortunately, those who contracted the illness either turned into salt or became violently insane. By 2009, there was a battle between the uninfected humans and the Legion, a mad and unstoppable horde.

The pandemic could not be contained, thus the beginning of Project Gestalt. Clones were built to house the human souls extracted from infected bodies. This operation was overseen by android AIs After centuries, the disease died out but human clones (Replicants) populated the Earth – which is where Nier takes place.

NieR Automata Plot & News

“Protagonist Nier threw a wrench in the gears of Project Gestalt and effectively doomed humanity to extinction,” read the post. In addition, “this marked the beginning of mankind’s inevitable decline, but in parts of the world where the android AIs were still in control, a handful of Replicants continued to survive.”

Thousands of years later, humanity fled to the moon after Earth was invaded by “machine life forms.” From their new base, there would be dispatch teams of combat androids – including players – who continue to fight back.

Lastly, Nier: Automata is currently available on PlayStation 4 and releases March 17 on Steam for PC. Are you excited for the PC version?

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