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Nier Automata Up For Steam Pre-Load – How To Get All 26 Endings

Nier Automata
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Nier Automata Up For Steam Pre-Load – How To Get All 26 Endings

Nier Automata has been out for almost a month and players have discovered all of its endings. Developer Platinum Games included 26 endings in the game but only one of them is true.

Here is a guide that would show players how they can obtain each ending by performing certain actions.According to GameRanx, Every ending in Nier Automata corresponds to a letter that gives a hint on how to achieve it

According to RPGSiteNier Automata has five main endings that make up the actual routes of the game and 21 alternative endings which are little inside jokes. Players can easily unlock all of these when the game allows them to freely select the chapter to start from with the Chapter Selection.

Main Endings

  • A – finish the game once using Route A
  • B – finish the game in Route B using the save file that reached Ending A.
  • C – load save files Ending A and B in order to begin Route C. Select A2 during the final battle of this playthrough.
  • D – same as Ending C but instead picking A2 in the final battle, select 9S.
  • E – the true ending of the game. Watch the credits of ENding D and accept the request of Pod 042.

Alternative Endings

  • F (Mission Failed) – run out of time when 9S is trying to restore his OS for the first time.
  • G (HunGry for Knowledge) – leave the mission area as 9S for the first time.
  • H (A Mountain too HigH) – run away from Goliath when it appears for the second time.
  • I (No I in Team) – abandon 9S after the boss battle in Copied City.
  • J (Bad Judgment) – in the Abandoned Factory, kill the religious machines when first meeting them.
  • K (Aji Wo Kutta) – eat the mackerel that Jackass gave.
  • L (Lone Wolf) – leave the battle area in the final battle of either Route A or B.
  • M (Break TiMe) – do not help Pascal’s Village nearing the end of Route C.
  • N (No Man’s Village) – kill all the machines in Pascal’s Village.
  • O (Just YOu and Me) – abandon the battle area at the start of Route C.
  • P (CorruPtion) – let the Logic Virus fully infect the player in Route C.
  • Q (Questionable Actions) – abandon 2B when controlling 9s in Route C.
  • R (MaveRick) – attack the people in Pascal’s Village with A2 inside the Abandoned Factory.
  • S (City EScape) – leave Devola and Popula during the Tower sequence.
  • T (FaTal Error) – unequip the OS chip.
  • U (DebUnked) – self-destruct while inside the Bunker.
  • V (Wreckless BraVery) – don’t hack into the Tower and let the accompanying NPCs to die.
  • W (Broken Wings) – die in the beginning level of Route A.
  • X (Time to RelaX) – abandon 2B with A2.
  • Y (HeadY Battle) – let the secret boss self-destruct.
  • Z (OverZealous) – kill Pascal while using A2 in their first encounter.

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